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  1. diego1958

    FS9 (FS2004) New KPHX Sky Harbor

    really great news !!!
  2. diego1958

    JABScenTex NEEDED !!!!

    sorry but I can use for registration only a gmail but: N'utilise PAS HOTMAIL NI GMAIL, pour une raison que j'ignore,ni hotmail ni gmail ne te transmettent les messages de mon site
  3. diego1958

    RCv4 Encrypt dont run

    It's run, many tks for suggestion.
  4. diego1958

    RCv4 Encrypt dont run

    thanks, I'll try tonight
  5. good morning guys, I'm not able to validate RC4, report "run time error 9" anyone help me pls ?
  6. diego1958

    PF3 ATC - Is it worth it?

    where can I download Meatwaters sounds guys ? many tks
  7. diego1958

    FS2004 miss some functions

    I use fs9 with win10 and zero probs Shrewdness: intall ALL (when possible) with administrator rights and run FS like administrator
  8. diego1958

    Fs2004 on my laptop what can i expect

    yes, I've win10 and I've installed FS9 with administrator rights, no issue, all run ok
  9. diego1958

    Fs2004 on my laptop what can i expect

    why this trick ? I always installed in program file C : prog files
  10. diego1958

    Volumic clouds in fs9

    me too !
  11. diego1958

    Help on PSS 777

    ... and finally yes, annoyed flying only the amazing 747 PMDG since release day, I've bought PSS777 😄 Anyone can help me understand how to calculate and especially load the payload ? In the PSS> Boeing 777 folder there are two executables, one is the "fuel planning Utility", well done but I use VRoute that when planning also gives me the quantity of fuel to be loaded, the other application is called "Blackbox Config Tool B777 Professional" which, once you click on it, opens only a popup with a text "Boeing 777 Professional - Rebuild Aircraft.cfg Files?" ok, I click on "yes" and the cfg is modified but how ?? How can I understand the weight that loads me ? I understand it's an old software but it seems really fantastic
  12. diego1958

    strange issue

    should be all ok now !
  13. diego1958

    strange issue

    yes guys, I've formated pc, now I'm installing little by little and it' s run normally .. for now (fingers crossed) This is my way now: 1 addon, test with a flight, if run ok >> BACKUP !!! :D
  14. diego1958

    strange issue

    too late :( now run ok, many tks to all for support me
  15. diego1958

    strange issue

    I'' try this one too, otherwise format c: