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  1. I'm away from home, I'll be back on Wednesday, if you give me an email address I'll send them to you
  2. nice job, many tks from me too !!
  3. I've solved: Readme file - that I hadn't read - says that the terrein folder must be installed with a higher priority than that of the airport. it's a strange thing but it works fine Many tks Hans
  4. I tried several times to land at lampedusa airport, an old LAGO airport, but more or less 10 miles from approach FS9 freezes. Two times with 2 different planes, LevelD767 and PSS777 has anyone had the same experience ?
  5. this is 757, i'm speaking about 767
  6. yes yes, I've reinstalled a fresh version just today.
  7. is there anyone who still uses the 767 level-d? I have a problem: using the load manager, every time it load the maximum fuel quantity (161.000 lbs). Any idea why ?
  8. yes, FS9.1 too, everything works. it is not the first time that I install it but following a PC format this error comes out
  9. report a warning: Error Number 0X80070005, Access Denied any suggestion ?
  10. I did not understand the question. however the instructions seem clear to me, you have to create a C/ FS9 /Addon Scenery /timezone 30 /scenery I don't have the SIM on hand now, tonight if you want control but it should be. It only needs to be activated by the library
  11. you can use tz30, link downolad https://library.avsim.net/download.php?DLID=46692 make a dedicated folder in C:\FS9\Addon Scenery\ and then copy the bgl files into that folder. So that the path would be:C:\FS9\Addon Scenery\timezone30\scenery\ . It works ! If you choose to install it that way, don't forget to activate it through Scenery Library. It should be at the first priority or at least at the top of all sceneries
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