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  1. Riddlin

    Help an old Dad out...

    In my best southern accent, Thanks y'all!!! I would LOVE to get a GTX 1080 ti but, I am sure I will have to go with a less costly short-term solution. To that, I was thinking of getting my hands on another Gigabyte GTX970 G card and using two of them...not in SLI, just as a second GPU option. Might be able take some of the stress off my video that way. I do have a hope of running a 5th small monitor for my GPS... And thanks Chock for the guidance on the need/want of all things flight sim...I think that is some very wise advice and I plan on taking it! I have a Cessna Yoke and the Combat Rudder Pedals (I fancied myself a fighter pilot once) as well as a couple other Saitek Pro Flight Panels. I have plans on building a couple more panels, I have a Groovy Game Gear board and a few dozen toggle switches and whatnot...but that is for a little ways down the road. And I think the A2A C172 is on my Christmas Wishlist now!!! ckyliu...I have no idea about the SceneryTech stuff. I found a list of "Must Have..." addons for FSX back in 2011/12 and those three were on there as 'Best of the Best', so I got them. I do hope I can get them upgraded... Let me say this again, THANK YOU! Thank you to all of you good folks who have taken the time to answer me and give me help on this Path...I look forward to bugging you all again for years to come! 😄 Tim
  2. Riddlin

    Help an old Dad out...

    Yes sir! She was flying at 2...she could cold start a C172 at 3, taxi and take off from our local runway and even pretended to buzz our house! Even today, we will go out to the old runway and she will laugh about running off into the grass in that snowstorm or trying to land in the fog on Christmas Eve...our family members still thinks she is just joking around but we just wink to one another. We will ALWAYS have those memories and they are just as real to her as if they had REALLY happened. 😄
  3. Riddlin

    Help an old Dad out...

    Finally, my desire is to keep this little girl of mine INTERESTED in this hobby, something we both love, for as long as I can 😉 As for all the other stuff...I really just need some direction. Seems the consensus is upgrading to v.4 may be the best choice even with my older hardware. I do want to get a 500GB SSD and a 'meaner' video card. Those are on my todo list for sure. What I am struggling with is the latest add-ons, what would really help vs what would hurt the aging system I have now. I just want to get as many miles out of this as I can...I guess that is the goal of EVERYONE in this hobby, right? Thanks again to everyone for your time and thoughtful responses!
  4. Riddlin

    Help an old Dad out...

    Yeah, I get that about the 32 bit and I see a FEW questions about "Why v.2?" Main, and really ONLY reason, I already paid for it. <shrugs> However, if my machine could actually run 4.3 reasonably well, I am not against getting another license.
  5. Riddlin

    Help an old Dad out...

    Thanks! I have heard nothing but GREAT things about the A2A stuff. I think that will have to be on my Christmas wish list 😉
  6. Riddlin

    Help an old Dad out...

    Hello all and I hope I can get some guidance and suggestions on my "needs / wants". Brief background (you can skip it really ;))...my daughter was born in 2010 and one of the things I did while she was a baby was to build a Cessna 172 simpit. She began flying with Daddy every day. In late 2014 she was entering Pre K and we began upgrading the simpit to a Cessna 208. Had some custom panels built, we were serious about it. I built a new PC, and because my 5 yo was flying way more than me, we got a copy of Prepar3d 2.0. Was was in April of 2015. Shortly after this, disaster. I lost my job and in the process we nearly lost our home...enough of that! I am back and evaluating what I have to restart with. My daughter now is 8yo and she is the reason we are rebuilding OUR simpit (with an extra seat for Mom, she says). Our main PC is: ASUS Sabertooth Z97 Intel i5-4690K 3.5 (it'll hit 4.2 stable) 16GB Corsair Vengeance RAM 256GB SSD (2x 128GB RAID 0) & GTX 970 4GB I know this isn't a MOOSE machine but, to start with we will be running P3D 2.5, just to get our wheels back under us. I have 4 monitors, 3 for exterior(6080x1080) and one for instruments(1920x1080)...this ran well on a much less powerful machine using FSX so, I have hopes it will still serve us well until we can get a beefier system. Add ons we used: Ultimate Terrain X - USA SceneryTech - North America Landclass Ground Environment X North America Active Sky (for weather) REX Essentials+ Overdrive (for the textures) Traffic 360 Carenado's C172N & C208B I have an option to upgrade all the landclass and terrain stuff from where I purchased it but, I figure i will need to repurchase the new AS and REX programs as well as getting a new traffic generator... I guess I am just wanting a pat on head and a "that'll do pig, that'll do..." A LOT has changed in the last 2-3 years and I am feeling a little lost...pretty much how I felt back in 2010 when I first started in this hobby. Does any of this sound right and/or make sense? If you've read this far, thanks for your patience and time...