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  1. Ive seem to install AI but they are not there how do I get them back?
  2. Speaking of adding can I also add airlines the airlines cfg?
  3. Pretty much all of them. Is there any live traffic? I want to see live traffic.
  4. I only see like 10 American and like 3 other airlines every time at KMIA
  5. Thank you! I'll give it a shot. Im sorry for being a pain are you sure this will increase the traffic?
  6. How do I use it without losing the AI.
  7. Can you please reccomend a utility? And also I have a question about ground movement there isn't a whole lot even though my traffic bar is at 100% Any way to increase the ground traffic?
  8. Ive seem to install it but I dont see my aiircraft when I go to KMIA.
  9. Is ICE and World of AI compatible/
  10. Nice! Im gonna try this panel myself!
  11. is there a way I can get sounds for my flyable AI models? Can I get them from here and Flightsim.com?
  12. Your best option is to search for cheap flights.
  13. Yah thats how it was back in the 70's very cheap air fares.
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