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  1. By default I want the PMDG 737 and A2A Skylane 182T, my two most flown aircraft in P3D. Other than those, I'd love a 727, even if not all systems are simulated. An Aerosoft-quality 727 would be great. I'd also love the 777X for the long flights.
  2. Why is it that the 727 doesn't get any love from devs 😪 I'd love a PMDG 727. Back to the analog days.
  3. Valid point. My take on this is that they have a steady niche (professional licensing) that pays top dollar for a stable and proven simulation. So even if their hobbyist/consumer market does shrink, I think they might still make good money. This is all just assumption on my part though.
  4. Because even though they may be eager to accelerate development for MSFS, the tools are just not ready. They're pretty much at a hold until the functionality they require is implemented. They can have 100 devs available to work on the 737 for MSFS, it won't make a difference if they're stuck for now.
  5. Sometimes we tend read too much into things. What can be objectively gathered from Randazzo's words is: 1. The SDK needs more work before a simulation of this complexity level can be made for MSFS. That SDK work is being done. 2. ASOBO takes MSFS very seriously and are fully dedicated to the success of this platform. On that note, PMDG call ASOBO their friends and are working jointly to bring the 737 to this platform. 3. PMDG remain convinced that MSFS will be the long-term-best platform over the next decade. 4. They hope for a 3Q21 or 4Q21 release with a slim chance of it happening in 2Q21. While it is a bit of a boomer for those of us that love the PMDG 737, taking this all negatively and crapping on MSFS seems like a very immature fanboyish way to go about this hobby. While we wait for this developing wonder to be completed, I think it's better that each of us engage in whatever flight simulation scenario makes us happy and stop acting like entitled children.
  6. Asobo acknowledged the occasional "graininess" of the clouds and reflections and said that will be handled with DirectX12. Hopefully it happens soon.
  7. I don't think there's too much information on how to do it because the analog C172 is part of the premium version, hence its files are locked.
  8. I use Plan-G (v4), it's a nice and very useful flight planning program. It's free too. It reads its navigation data from MSFS itself, so everything you see in the program is part of the sim, including frequencies, airport information, taxiways, etc. The current version compatible with MSFS is in alpha, but it's been very stable for me.
  9. We've all been there! If you want a bit of a more comprehensive workflow, here's a good starting point: https://stanfordesp.org/download/204d4959-f13b-4862-b7e4-e8ea40b5eaa7/P4177_Aerosoft Airbus X Extended A320.pdf Happy flying 🙂
  10. This doesn't directly answer your question, but all of your fuel pumps must be on before takeoff. Never heard of anyone flying with only the center pump.
  11. I was having the exact same problem and the fix was easy for me: Right click on the P3D icon on the Desktop > Properties > Compatibility > Make sure "Disable Fullscreen Optimizations" is checked > Click Apply > Launch P3D That should solve it.
  12. They never did mention ANYTHING about snow in the latest video That has me kind of worried. All I see is rain and clouds. What about snow? Might it be something they're leaving for later?
  13. Microsoft could easily purchase ChasePlane, improve it and make it the default camera system. I'd be glad with something like that. Or, they could see how ChasePlane works and build something similar. Either way, I think ChasePlane has the functionality I'd like to see as default in FS2020.
  14. I agree with this, and I'd like to expand on it. Sometimes I just keep flying the same routes over and over again because I don't know what other places would be nice to fly to / land on / depart from. With that in mind, it would be awesome to have a "community" tab where users can submit flights/routes they like, with suggested airplanes, so other users can experience them too. Something like a community-driven "scenario" system, even something like a mission creator. I think it could bring a lot of variety to our flights. The scenarios could be anything from a serious airline flight to a small bush route to deliver supplies to a little town. The scenario selection menu should have a few creator-submitted screenshots to help us decide "hey, this looks nice, I'll fly that one".
  15. I wouldn't be at all disappointed if the "Microsoft Flight Simulator X" hint just means we'll get to listen to the FSX theme song in the new sim's user interface 😎 BTW I LOVE the cloud shadows in that short video. Can't wait for more info.
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