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  1. jacf182

    GSX update on the way

    I guess you missed the nice shots of Marseille, Courchevel and the Bahamas. As to lack of third party support and the sim being streamed...they've only released one short (very good) video. Isn't it too early to make assumptions based on very little information?
  2. I've dreamed of a 727 made by A2A, that would be something quite special. It's a shame Captain Sim never cared to update their 727 for P3Dv4
  3. Captain Sim 727. I'd love an updated version with better visuals and textures.
  4. jacf182

    Phil Spencer Interview

    The whole interview is now available. https://www.pcgamer.com/xboxs-phil-spencer-on-game-pass-steam-and-the-epic-games-store/ Some interesting points about Flight Simulator; especially the part where he says they don't want to force people to acquire a game either way, whether through their store or Steam.
  5. You are absolutely right. With only such a short teaser video we don't know anything for sure regarding how MS will handle nav data in the new sim. I just wonder if that screenshot shows some improvement compared to current default navigational data for that specific area; if even some minor changes are evident, then we might have a little hope that indeed they're using new data instead of the old one from 2006. In the end, I guess we'll know more in the coming months. It's just hard not to jump on the hype train when we've had an old engine for decades; some of us definitely need to learn to manage our expectations.
  6. As a disclaimer, I'm not familiar with the L.A. area, and I'm certainly no expert, just an avid flight sim enthusiast. That said, one thing that I would like to see in the new flight simulator is updated navigational data and all it entails, including waypoints, VOR stations, beacons, ILS, etc. So I took the liberty of comparing one of the screenshots for the upcoming sim and recognized KLAX on the navigation map of the airplane, and compared it to the same area in the Navigraph desktop charts program (current AIRAC): As I said, I'm no expert but you can see a few common waypoints, and it seems to me that the new sim shows quite a few more waypoints compared to the Navigraph map. Now whether they are just old waypoints that are not valid anymore or it is using a renewed navigation database, I have no idea. I should go into P3D and compare, but am away from home and my desktop PC for the next few days. Hopefully, someone can chime in. On the same topic, would you be willing to pay a monthly subscription for MS Flight Simulator if it included up-to-date AIRAC cycles? Any input is welcome, and I apologize if the screenshot just shows waypoints from the old database.
  7. If a new engine is being used to develop the new sim, then we should forget about whatever limitations we currently have with the dated ESP engine. It's a totally new game (pun intended). That means current decent hardware (for instance my 7700k, 1080ti) could run the new sim at reasonable medium to medium-high settings, though if new technologies such as raytracing are introduced and we want to use them, it would take at least a 2070 RTX card or the next AMD cards to have a beautiful looking experience. This is all just pure speculation on my part, by the way. And despite everything I just wrote, I'm already starting to plan how the hell I'm going to get the money to upgrade my PC to be able to run the new sim at max settings 🤷🏽‍♂️
  8. jacf182

    New MS Flight Sim shown at E3

    Many of us are talking about a new engine, vastly improved terrain/autogen generation, visual candy, etc. That's completely fine, and I cannot wait to see the improved graphics. But there's something as important in my opinion: I hope we also get a much-needed update to the navigational data. Up-to-date waypoints, fixes, ILS, etc, with the ability to constantly keep updating them. If Microsoft partnered with companies such as Navigraph, for instance, I wouldn't mind paying $20-$30 monthly to remain updated. We definitely need an improvement to the navigational database which has run its course.
  9. jacf182

    New MS Flight Sim shown at E3

    I've been simming since Flight Simulator for Windows 95. The last time I was this excited for a Flight Simulator announcement is when they announced FSX back in the day. I had just begun to enjoy FS9 at ultra settings and was having a blast, then came FSX and my computer bit the dust. Terrible slideshow. I hope this time around the graphics/engine is optimized for modern hardware. I'm positively optimistic that major add-on developers will be on board, otherwise it wouldn't be worth it. MS knows this too well.
  10. jacf182

    Chaseplane causing mini stutters

    ChasePlane does cause micro stutters in a strange way. My solution is to load your flight, then close ChasePlane and launch it again. Stutters gone. Don't know why. It's been like this for a long time.
  11. jacf182

    ATC Window not accepting input

    You might not have tried this, but if you did it might help someone else. This is what worked for me when I had tried everything else: -Open prepar3d.cfg -Go to the [ATC] section, select all of it and copy. -Delete it. -Save the file. -Paste [ATC] section again in the same place. -Save the file. Now run P3D again and ATC should work. Hope it helps.
  12. jacf182

    FMC FIX page: ToD ring

    Thank you for your replies. I'm aware that the distance to TOD is available on the CDU. My problem is I'm waiting for a new monitor to arrive, old one died. In the mean time, I'm using a cheap low resolution projector that makes it difficult to read distance to TOD without requiring me to zoom in on the CDU, so a ring on the ND would make things easier. But now I understand why it cannot be done. Cheers.
  13. jacf182

    FMC FIX page: ToD ring

    I know how to create a distance ring for any waypoint using the FIX page on the CDU. I want to create a ring that extends 30nm from TOD. Is it possible to do it easily and directly, or do I have to create a waypoint that's close to TOD and then assign the ring to that waypoint? I tried "T/D" and "TOD" on LSK1 but those are invalid entries, as I thought they would be. I've searched on Google and this forum, but have not found an answer. Thanks!
  14. This issue is being discussed here with direct input from Keven Menard, the developer of ChasePlane.
  15. jacf182

    Not able to access ATC in P3Dv4.2

    It has happened to me a couple of times since upgrading to 4.2 The first time I deleted all CFGs and had P3D rebuild them. ATC was fixed. The second time I just loaded the default flight and it was fixed. Haven't decided yet what I'll do for the 3rd time, but I sure hope LM release a hotfix for this annoying bug.