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  1. The Autopilots really need some tuning work. They are in constant oscillation.
  2. i've been away from flight sim for quite a few years. Occasionally Tom and i would exchange messages. Im a older man, 62 years old. I've been into sims since before Sublogic Flight Simulator. Tom was always helpful and we discussed where things were going. I then departed the sim world and went on to other things. I haven't Messaged Tom since 2014. I recently got back into sims with MSFS 2020 and today i decided to message Tom to discuss all the things we wanted to see with graphics and systems simulation have taken a huge step up. I didn't realize that he had passed on. He was definitely a big player in this hobby, and will be missed.
  3. Thanks for your input guys. Turns out I had Display Text turned on and when I turned it off it now is working fine.
  4. I've recently upgraded to Windows 10 64-bit. I decided to install FSX and RC 4.3 as I haven't flown in quite a while. RC seems to be working however it can sometimes take 30 to 40 seconds after a key-press for RC to do anything. It seems like it just hangs. I don't know if this happens to be a Windows 10 compatibility problem or something isn't configured right. I'm using the latest registered version of fsuipc. I haven't been able to find any info regarding this problem. Any Ideas as to why this might be happening?
  5. I was never able to find the link i was at. I would just boot up in safe mode and try the normal proceedure then. Build button, update button , then build again.
  6. I'm seeing if I can backtrack and find the link for you.
  7. Jim....i've read that you need to edit your scenery config file if you have addon scenery to have the databases rebuilt propery. It involves copying all of the standard scenery entrys and putting them below the addon scenery and pasting them in there. Then rebuild. Make a copy of the original scenery.cfg and then revert to that when the build is completed. theres a post on the web regarding this....I read it but didn't capture the link. If i happen to stumble on it I'll post it in here. i've done allot of searching regarding this issue. I end up with 5 pages of links and apparently I never got to the the one you linked to. Crap....that would have saved me a couple days LOL. In any event. This was a pretty good addon for when it was done. I'm sure it took him quite a while to get it all working right. Actually a pretty nice job for a freeware. I normally use airport charts and look at the map then use the taxiway signs, but as I get older, either my monitor isn't good enough or my eyes are shot LOL. Thanks again.
  8. Well i found a solution. I re-booted the computer up in safe mode. I then did a build which produced 0 airports again. I then did a update and then rebuild and got 24000+ airports in the database. Finally. It must be a permissions thing or the antivirus stuff is getting in the way and it doesn't turn everything off when you select the "OFF" option. Perhaps others could give this a try.
  9. I got to thinking maybe mcafee antivirus was the problem but that wasn't it either.
  10. Bob....That file worked fine. I'm now quite confused but glad it works. Thanks again. Now I remember why I liked this gauge so much. its easy to get a visual of what you will need to do to get to the runway or gate. This is what i used to use at night when i had a hard time reading the taxiway signs. Thanks again.
  11. he could upload it to avsim or email it to us.
  12. Hi Bob....I used this gauge several years ago and it was a great help at night. Its too bad he quit updating it. It was a nice tool.
  13. I'll have to look Bob....It was a new install so I would guess its right. I've also installed FS Rex, Rex Direct Textures and a couple other addons and they found fsx fine. I'll take a peak in the registry. Thanks
  14. I've tried with and without compatability. Full control is checked. I've run it as Administrator. I don't have my FSX in the default location. It says the build was successful but # of airports is 0. DB file is 1k. My guess is it may be related to the default location. When I had used this gauge in the past, fsx was in the default location I believe. since that time I built a new machine. Its really ok though...I have charts on my Pad and at night i open a top down view window to orient myself. During the day I just follow the taxiway signs.
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