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  1. Hello ! First of all thank you very much for your help in advance I'm looking to switch DX10 fixer for FSX but I don't know If I should do it or not Regarding stability and performance also visual details etc Regards Ivan
  2. Ivan Garcia

    FSX doesn't open on minimize window

    is there any way to solve the problem apart of change to option ? Regards
  3. Ivan Garcia

    FSX doesn't open on minimize window

    Hello VCVW11....... Yep, that works ! FSX............ THANKS ! Ivan
  4. Hello I am having this trouble since today. I always fly on window mode and I always minimize the FSX when I want to do other things, but today something got crazy on my FSX because I minimize the FSX window and I cannot open it again Regards Ivan
  5. Ivan Garcia

    PMDG NGX Service Pack. 27K Engine Rating

    Luke. I really think that depends of airline configuration. If you look at Air Europa 738, they don't have 24K :( It's really depend of that I bet Ivan
  6. Ivan Garcia

    New CPU and MOBO

    saving 1000$ will take to me about 6 years hahaha. I'm just a simple university student and I am not working. I just made money because I worked a bit this summer hehe. It's completly impossible to me hehe. I will get the I7 4770K and the gigabyte 87 or 97 still to determine The problem with my FX-6300 is that he stopped working :(
  7. Ivan Garcia

    New CPU and MOBO

    Hello z06z33 I'm coming from an AMD FX-6300 and now moving to Intel I7 4770K, i thik I will spot a huge difernce between this 2 cpu`s, I7 4790K is away of my budget but thank you for replying Charlatan - yeah that is what I'm going to look for, try to find it out somehwere in the uk Regards
  8. Ivan Garcia

    New CPU and MOBO

    hello thanks for all replies. charlatan, the z97 is 167 here is spain, very away of my mobo budget regards
  9. Hello guys I have made some money this summer and I'm going to get this 2 new pieces but I need your advice please. CPU- Intel I7 4770K 3.5 MOBO - Budget is 100 euros. if you could give me an advice I think the CPU is ok but regarding the mobo I have no idea :( Thanks Ivan
  10. Ivan Garcia

    19JUL14 - SP1 Feedback Items we are monitoring...

    Hello guys After install SP1 - my PC got blocked everytime I try to fly it ! Regards Ivan
  11. Ivan Garcia

    What PD3 buy ?

    Hello I'm planning to buy the licence for P3D but I would like to know the results you're having. I have read P3D doesn't support enterteiment etc etc. Iw ould like to have the same scenerio than FSX, flying freely around the world etc. Which licence is better, Academic or professional, there are a very big diference on the price Thanks for your help Ivan
  12. Ivan Garcia

    Regarding CORSAIR H80i

    Thanks everyone ! I did the curve finally
  13. Hello guys: Anyone can explain to me how CORSAIR LINK works. I would like to set the FANS working based on the temperature but it has many modes, quiet mode, balance mode etc etc etc, could you please tell me which one is better for a 4.5 GHz CPU Regards Ivan