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  1. Thanks Herman. After some exhaustive effort to remove all traces of ORBX SP4, I succeeded to get my UTX and default scenery back in working order. They make beautiful scenery. I just don't understand the company's logic. Take on our product and the other brands on your computer will be corrupted. I will be sure to avoid this problem again. Hopefully their upcoming efforts in Xplane, Aerofly FS2, DTFS will take a friendlier approach. Moe
  2. So I tried several things. Removed Terrain.cfg , unclicked FTX in the library, moved FTX to under UTX in the library within FTX central tools, copied over a new vanilla terrain.cfg , let Steam rebuild FSX, Disabled FTX within FTX central toolsre-installed FSX-SE, re-installed UTX. ALL FOR NOTHING FTX / ORBX hangs on like a bad virus I hate to say this as it sounds like defeat, but here it goes. How does one remove every last trace of FTX/ORBX software from their computer? Thanks Moe
  3. So after looking up that thread and several related threads here and other sites I deleated the scenery config file, re-installed FSX, re- installed UTX Canada. None of these actions helped. The scenery in Canada is pooched. I have runways under ground, buildings and trees in lakes, houses floating in air, etc. It is a total mess. I wish I had never purchased this ORBX scenery. It ruined my ability to enjoy my home country. Moe
  4. So I installed the new FTX central. I only have Australia and the free airports and Holger mesh from the fullterrain site. I have not purchased any additional Orbx addons yet. I also have UTX for Canada and running all this on FSX-SE. I have been working on doing all of Canada's airfields before moving on to Australia. I am close with only Alberta and British Columbia left. This weekend my niece came over and she spent a year in Australia. So I installed and ran the new FTX Central as I knew I would have to go into FTX Central to adjust it to Australia. As it turns out with the new FTX Central it no longer needs to be reset for regions. After She left I went back to Canada to continue my quest and to my disappointment my scenery in Canada is really screwed up. The elevation it seems has water roads, runways etc all over Canada floating in air, underground, into hills. A real mess. My guess was the mesh was screwed up. I tried moving all the FTX scenery files in the library lower than my UTX but that didn't fix it. I tried simply unchecking all the FTX there but again that didn't work. Any help would be really helpful. Moe
  5. If IPACS wants this to take off they need to allow 3rd party addons. That is the secret to MSFS success and is needed for any sim to make it. Moe
  6. After spending 14 hours working on this today. Yes, a day off work spent banging my head on a keyboard. I finally solved this. As it turns out REX Essentials, ASN, was not the problem. I had corrupted files within FSX-SE. Can't say why but Steam reinstalled FSX-SE after running a diagnostic tool from them. All settings were left the same. It turns out REX 4 Textures direct from Steam is not all that user friendly to install. A look at the support forum there shows lots of guys having trouble. Turns out one must install REX, run it, shut it down, run FSX, shut it down, run REX again and shut it down then ASN. All this is somewhat discouraging. If anyone ever has this trouble look at the pinned support subject there. After all this trouble I now have all the effects I was looking for. Thanks to all that helped. FYI I had support tickets to all the companies. Moe
  7. So I did some troubleshooting. I ran FSX-SE without ASN running and selected a few bad weather themes within FSX. No clouds to speak of. Then I ran REX without ASN and selected a few bad weather themes within REX. A few very flat clouds at 14,000 but not the storms I selected. Then I gave in and uninstalled REX Essentials. Purchased and installed REX 4 Textures Direct from Steam. After installation attempts to run the REX controller causes crashes of REX. However the clods seem slightly larger in square area when running ASN but still only at 14,000 ish and still the height of a sheet of paper. Oh well it's my lo$$. All along I continue to have improved textures from REX in all regards other than clouds. Clouds... the main reason for REX. I get low vis from a fog style on approach and I get all the nice sun, taxiway markings, water etc from REX and all the winds, turbulence etc from ASN but no damn clouds. When is Dovetails new sim come out? Moe
  8. When I downloaded Rex the other day it was the latest version 3.4 something. I tried a manual weather setting in rex with ASN off and did not have much luck. I'm not sure if I did it right. Will try what I did back in my P2D days and run REX with real world weather. I think I am ultimately going to have to spend the money and re-purchase REX again hoping a newer version will work better. Perhapse the REX textures direct from Steam. That's got to install correctly and work with FSX-SE seeing all three would be from Steam right? Just sucks that I am facing purchasing something again that I already have. Moe
  9. I am using FSX-SE and installed from Steam ASN. I previously (in 2012) purchased REX Essentials for my old Pd3v1.4 setup (long since abandoned). Frustrated with almost no clouds showing up in my new build even with ASN I re-downloaded and installed to the correct path my old REX old 2012. After installation I get a few cirrus clouds but no real amount of cloud cover. Is it possible that that ols REX is simply incompatible with FSX-SE? Is my best hope to install REX Textures Direct from Steam? My system is an AMD FX 8320 @3.87 Ghz , 8GB ram, Video Card is an ATI T7 265 2GB D5 OC, Track IR Software W7 64, FSX-SE, ASN-SE, REX Essentials, ORBX Australia SP4, UTX Canada V2, Simaddons 38 Airports for all of Atlantic Canada, 20 Downloaded airports from here and Flight sim.com for Atlantic Canada and Maine, from Steam Lukla, Nook, Australian adventure pack. Thanks for any help you folks can offer. Moe
  10. My credit card is waiting....... too soon? LOL Moe
  11. Do you guys really think MS gives a damn about anything to do with MS Flight anymore. Short of someone reselling an unlicensed copy or core code of MS Flight, I don't think MS lawyers would even bat an eye at it. Moe
  12. I too like how Steam manages easy installation and updates of addons when bought from Steam. On my old P3d v1.4 build I had Rex and it caused some CTD. I like the idea of this REX Texture Direct 4, for it's textures of Rex without it's weather engine and using ASN for it's weather engine. With both available now through Steam it's a no brainer.
  13. Yep it's fixed. Just replaced the terrain.cfg and rerun the UTX utility. Thanks for every ones help. Moe
  14. Thanks guys. I will look at those options but first a guy from Orbx has contacted me and it seems to be not so uncommon a problem following FTX installation and removal. Pics provided show the same problem on other's setups. Solution is to delete the terrain.cfg file and replace it with a new one form a fresh install on another computer. I am in the process of installing an old boxed FSX on an older desktop to acquire that file. Will let you know how I make out. I have learned that FSX, FSX-SE and all P3d versions use the same terrain.cfg fo this should go OK. Moe
  15. I might be coming back to MS Flight. I am having a heap of trouble with my FSX-SE setup am starting to have sim withdrawl. Moe
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