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  1. Thanks Herman. After some exhaustive effort to remove all traces of ORBX SP4, I succeeded to get my UTX and default scenery back in working order. They make beautiful scenery. I just don't understand the company's logic. Take on our product and the other brands on your computer will be corrupted. I will be sure to avoid this problem again. Hopefully their upcoming efforts in Xplane, Aerofly FS2, DTFS will take a friendlier approach. Moe
  2. So I tried several things. Removed Terrain.cfg , unclicked FTX in the library, moved FTX to under UTX in the library within FTX central tools, copied over a new vanilla terrain.cfg , let Steam rebuild FSX, Disabled FTX within FTX central toolsre-installed FSX-SE, re-installed UTX. ALL FOR NOTHING FTX / ORBX hangs on like a bad virus I hate to say this as it sounds like defeat, but here it goes. How does one remove every last trace of FTX/ORBX software from their computer? Thanks Moe
  3. So after looking up that thread and several related threads here and other sites I deleated the scenery config file, re-installed FSX, re- installed UTX Canada. None of these actions helped. The scenery in Canada is pooched. I have runways under ground, buildings and trees in lakes, houses floating in air, etc. It is a total mess. I wish I had never purchased this ORBX scenery. It ruined my ability to enjoy my home country. Moe
  4. So I installed the new FTX central. I only have Australia and the free airports and Holger mesh from the fullterrain site. I have not purchased any additional Orbx addons yet. I also have UTX for Canada and running all this on FSX-SE. I have been working on doing all of Canada's airfields before moving on to Australia. I am close with only Alberta and British Columbia left. This weekend my niece came over and she spent a year in Australia. So I installed and ran the new FTX Central as I knew I would have to go into FTX Central to adjust it to Australia. As it turns out with the new FTX Central it no longer needs to be reset for regions. After She left I went back to Canada to continue my quest and to my disappointment my scenery in Canada is really screwed up. The elevation it seems has water roads, runways etc all over Canada floating in air, underground, into hills. A real mess. My guess was the mesh was screwed up. I tried moving all the FTX scenery files in the library lower than my UTX but that didn't fix it. I tried simply unchecking all the FTX there but again that didn't work. Any help would be really helpful. Moe
  5. If IPACS wants this to take off they need to allow 3rd party addons. That is the secret to MSFS success and is needed for any sim to make it. Moe
  6. As suspected just disabling in task scheduler did not work. In fact removing KB3035583 already disables it's activity and only an empty folder exist for GWX in task scheduler. We need to find another work around. Good Idea though. Moe
  7. That will stop the upgrade and I think remove the unwanted get windows 10 from the task bar but I don't think that will stop the data collection that is draining the CPU. I will try that and see how it works, Moe
  8. Yep same effects were all having. I will never trust a MS update again. If I ultimately do a format I will do updates up to the end of 2014 and no more. I can't trust MS a company that pirates a third of my CPU. Shame on you Microsoft. Remove these updates related in one way or another to Microsoft's intrusion. KB2952664 good luck with this it hangs on like a bad std KB2990214 KB3021917 KB3035583 KB2977759 KB2996978 KB3022345 KB3044374 KB3068708 Moe
  9. Some of the updates (one in particular KB2952664) are very difficult to remove. These updates draw up to 35% of your CPU to power some crap from MS that observes your computer usage and sends that info to MS to help them in marketing win10. Most people would not notice the drain but us simmers sure notice such performance loss. There are many threads on this issue on the net and with many suggestions on how to remove and stop them. It seems every new method to remove KB2952664 is somehow defeated a few days later by MS. This is definitely not cool and many in the sim community are upset by this. Me included. I have been fighting it all week and tried countless methods described across the net to remove KB2952664. What I am stuck with at this time is a dedicated sim machine that now runs like it was made in 1999. I may have to go back to MS Flight. At least it uses all the cores and GPU. I would rather not but this problem is tough for FSX. Moe
  10. When I started with FSX back in 05 or was that 06 I had a small monitor. I then got a second monitor and placed the flight instruments like you mentioned Steve onto the smaller monitor so I could see them clearly. I think that not only such a six pac could benefit us like it did for me back then, but you could use that for home cockpit builds and for the cockpitless warbirds that so very much need it. So Kevin, Stonelance. How bout it? Can it be done? Moe
  11. Thanks for the update guys. If at any point $ would be a limiting factor in the development, please tell us. I am sure we could find some cash if you need it. I for one would offer some up. Nice to see that 172 on the runway. You really put a smile on my face with that shot. Is the intention to convert each aircraft one at a time or is the plan to use a utility that we can convert out choice of FSX aircraft? Not fussy, just curious. Thanks again guys Moe subliminal hint for Cessna 172
  12. Spelling was never a strong point of mine. Sorry Moe Spelling error. Sorry I think they get my point. Moe
  13. Kevin, Stonelance. As you may have heard MS has announced that there will be no new AOTD. This is sad and the end of all development from MS for the sim. As you can imagine the morale in the MSFlight community is a rather bit low. You two folks are the best and probably the last hope we have for this sim. I think the morale of the MSFlight community could use a morale boost now the most since the cancelation a year ago. Please post something on your latest efforts. We need it. Even if it's very little. We need to hear something positive. Thank you Moe
  14. I have to agree that I also would be happy to have the lower quality FSX scenery if it could be imported into MSFlight. I would see this as better than FSX/FS9/P3D because the engine for MSFlight is far superior. I am not going to go into a rant on the this vs that thing as that has beed done enough. What I will say is even though I spent about $2200 on Hardware and software for FSX and P3D I use MS Flight now because of one over riding reason above all others... It works without crashing to desktop. Good Code Good Job Folks So Stonelance. What reason can you say that those tools are not released now? What could anyone gain from them being locked away even now that MS has dropped development? Painful. Almost like watching good food wasted. You guys are doing good things for the MS Fight community and I appreciate it. Moe
  15. Will be the bigest addon the sim has seen yet. Moe
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