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  1. I find it quite insulting that the pilot types are so racially stereotyped, but that only one of the European stereotypes are also included. I'm talking Scandinavian, Germanic, Latin, etc. These are far more representative of pilots worldwide than, say "Egyptian"!
  2. If anyone is offering to produce new pilots, I'd sure like to see one who looked at least a little bit like me!
  3. I went looking, and although I found the odd MSFS file, there didn't appear to be any obvious location to look for files. Currently, at Flightsim.com, there are well over 100 files available for download. At NexusMods, there are 242 downloads for MSFS, Flightsim.to boasts some 600+ downloads, and Avsim looks like it is losing the focus of the average simmer looking for add-ons for MSFS. Looking at these other sites, apart from flightsim.com who haven't upgraded their presentation of add-ons, the other sites appear to be going all out to match the store that the sim has inside it at least. I also notices that Avsim doesn't appear in the list of sites recommended on the official MSFS website, which is either an oversight or a snub - I don't know which. Either way, Avsim, which has been at the forefront on flight sim support since Adam was a pup, is likely to be completely sidelined, which would sadden me immensely for the site that has done more for the hobby than most others. Just my 2c
  4. Well this (https://www.windowscentral.com/microsoft-flight-simulator-dlc-updates-roadmap) suggests that helicopters are early on the list of enhancements to FS2020. I can only hope it's correct. VR according to this report, is also on the list.
  5. I'll come back here when there is some news about how it's going. Looks to me as though so far there is a lot of "puff", but not much real information about this product, except that it is "coming soon", and apparently has been "coming soon" since at least February 2016. Well, how should I define "soon"? This year, next year, sometime this decade? I'm afraid that my expectations have been raised, only to be flattened by lack of any indication of progress. I trust that you are running it as a professional project, with due dates, real requirements, and proper management and control, because from the little that is currently leaking through to this side of the fence, I would suspect that the answer to that may not be as positive as I would expect it to be with a serious software development program. And remember, the definition of a project is a piece of work with a known start date, a defined end date, and a defined set of deliverables, all in a project plan. So far, I see a start date, some quite nebulous deliverables, and no end date in sight. Worrying. In the mean time, good luck with the project. I wish you no harm, but the professional project manager in me is ringing alarm bells about what we know about it, and where it appears to be going.
  6. As a recent purchaser of Steam FSX, I can confirm that they have aircraft carrier take offs and landings, and that they have changed some of the key assignments, apparently to make them more friendly than the originals. I haven't had it long enough to be able to answer any or your other questions - sorry.
  7. I hope that was a typo, there - 128Kilobytes of RAM. Surely you mean 128 Gigabytes of RAM???
  8. I was a Beta Tester for a product a number of years ago, and unless it's changed, letting people know who you are Beta testing for is a very bad no-no. I felt honored to be invited, and would be honored to be invited again. I enjoyed the experience, and like to thik that my input changed the final product for the better in some small ways, and that's all you can ask for. I suppose that with the smaller developments, where there is a beta testers forum open to the public, revealing your affiliation would probably be OK, but if you are part of a closed Alpha or Beta test program, you're really honor bound not to disclose what is going on to outside parties.
  9. Well, I tried, and as there is no warning up the top that the "Survey is Closed", I was rudely bounced out of it. If possible, either the thread should be closed, or at least the original author should go back and mark the first post noting that the survey is indeed closed.
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