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  1. That really depends on your PC configuration, but yes it is certainly possible. I have a separate NVME drive for everything MSFS2020. I have STKP installed on this drive. I created a folder in the root of the drive (named SimToolKitPro) and installed it there. All the folders will be in the folder you created. What I would suggest you do if you want to keep all your flight sim stuff separate from the OS is to create a partition on the C drive and letter it D drive etc... Then install all your flight sim stuff to this partition. Or get another hard drive (SSD/NVME) and dedicate it to flight sim. If you need any help with this DM me. In fact if anyone ever asks me for one piece of key advice for flight simming, its to keep everything separate from the OS. Do a clean install of the OS. Get all your updates done, your software installed for your Mobo, GPU, Soundcard etc. Once this is done then install your flight sim of choice on a freshly formatted hard drive. I see so many people complaining about bad installs, flight sim not working (MSFS2020 for instance) downloads failing, and its all down to how they manage their PC. When I download my flight sim of choice, I have limited nearly everything that can go wrong at my end, so if there is any errors its really easy to uninstall and reinstall, diagnose and limit blame. I wished more people would do this but they get impatient lol. I don't blame them when your new sim, plane, scenery, is ready to buy. 🙂
  2. See I don't think Lockheed Martin, and Microsoft making flight simulators is a totally selfish action on their behalf. As you say, they are already multi billion dollar companies, so why bother making flight sims? I'm pretty sure the revenue they collect is way down on other projects they are currently engaged in. Of course they want to make money, but it was quite relevant to me, what was said in Microsoft's last live stream. If we create perfect aircraft, systems, scenery right off the bat, the 3rd party developers will struggle to make a living. What would be the point in them building 3rd party aircraft, if the aircraft in game was already as good if not better than what they could produce. Because of this, I believe this is why LM and MS start their packages at around the £60 mark. To allow as many people access to the sim as possible. Opening them up to the flight sim ecosystem. We should honestly applaud MS and LM for doing this. And us hard core simmers will go and buy the premium packages, as we want the best on offer (subjective I know). When I said I felt like i was picking their pockets, it was said tongue in cheek. I obviously don't feel like that, yet I still think the prices they charge is on the face of it compared to other games outside the flight sim genre, extremely well placed. I know of games *cough* war robots, that absolutely pull the pants down of their customers for £1000's. I really don't feel like that with MSFS 2020. 😊
  3. Concerning the price. The professional version of P3D is twice the price of MSFS 2020. And if you are a flight sim enthusiast and nothing more, this is the licence you should be buying. Of course no one does, but that is a different discussion. The Flight Sim Labs A320 is more expensive than a whole Simulator (Premium Deluxe version). The PMDG (take your pick) Aircraft are the same price (base editions, not including expansion packs) as a whole new sim. If you compare what you are getting with the Premium Deluxe version of MSFS 2020 its an absolute steal. If you buy the Standard version I feel as if I'm picking the pockets of Microsoft. If you compare the price of MSFS 2020 to other sims, or other expansions like premium study level aircraft, the game is worth every single penny, no matter what package you buy.
  4. So please forgive me for my ignorance, and I can understand your annoyance at having to answer the same question over and over again, but just to be sure. If I buy the discounted version (£87.99 as I have a game pass) from the Microsoft store, and cancel my game pass membership, I still own the game, and will have full access? The only reason I have a game pass is for MSFS 2020, so if I was to buy it outright, there is zero need for me to have a game pass. Come to think of it, there is no other way for me to buy the game outright at full price, while I have a game pass. The only way would be to let my game pass expire, and then pay £109.99. I think I have just answered my own question. Yes I would own it lol 🤦‍♂️🤣😁
  5. I get a discount with my VA which means I pick up any of the UK2000 airports for £13 each. £13 is an absolute bargain for what you get, and how much time and effort has gone into them. Further more, this is in no way bashing the previous screen shots posted here, but the scenery details must be pretty low as my UK2000 airports look nothing like them. Putting aside the basic nature of some of the buildings, my airports look sharp, detailed, and crystal clear with great frames across the board. For £13 a pop I feel as if I have robbed the developer. As for being ashamed of being British. What a strange thing to say.
  6. I have seen this modification. By Bert isn't it? How does it fit into the panel? Is it pretty seamless? I don't have the F1 GTN yet, but I may just buy it if it enhances the flying experience. My only issue with the F1 GTN is the lack of up to date database as I like to use my Navigraph subscription.
  7. You're not by any chance going into wings straight and level on the autopilot are you? You won't be able to manipulate the horizontal axis if it goes into this mode.
  8. Hi. I'll start with the second question. Do you think Carenado/Alabeo aircraft are updated due to the amount of interest from topics like these? In other words, do Carenado/Alabeo read these forums and look at how many people are discussing their products and act accordingly? If this is the case I want some love to be sent our way in the Corvalis community. 😄 Secondly. The G1000 of the Carenado Cessna 172SP has an updatedable Navigraph G1000 which can do SIDS/STARS etc. Is there any way it can be placed into the Corvalis replacing the G1000 already there? I have an absolute love affair with the Corvalis. Its a great plane to fly, fast, a ceiling of 24000 feet, can fly over 1000NM, economical, and looks sexy as hell. Whats not to like. Apart from maybe the way its been implemented by Alabeo in certain ways. It is such a great plane I really feel it deserves some love and attention. Please Alabeo. For us lonely few that own the plane and fly it every day. Lavish us with updates.
  9. Hi all. I wonder if you can help me. I was just about to pull the trigger on the Alabeo C400 CORVALIS TT and a 3 year subscription to the Carenado Synthetic Vision Software for it. But then I stumbled across the Carenado C172SP SKYHAWK G1000 which comes with a free 1 year subscription to the SVS software. Am I right in thinking that instead of me buying the 3 year subscription, if I was to buy the C172SP SKYHAWK I can use the 1 years subscription of SVS with the C400 CORVALIS as well? This way I would get 2 planes instead of just one. Is this correct? Thank you for any help, and forgive me if this has already been discussed. Chris. 😉
  10. Mine is the same. Stays at 120 throughout the entire flight. If I save the flight and carry on at a later time, it will adjust the amount of fuel to the correct level. Once again though it stays at that level and won't reduce as I carry on the flight.
  11. This may not help, but it's worth a try. Try installing SimConnect again from the main FSX folder. If things like this happen, its always worth reinstalling SimConnect.
  12. Just bought the GTN 750 and would love it to fit it the panel of my Carenado PA-46. Please. Beg... :wub:
  13. Thank you Bert, I will have a look now mate You Sir are a Diamond :wub: lol All sorted. I had to map Windows 1 through 9 with the Shift + 1 map and so on.... One last question. What are you going to do when you get that last gold star? You won't have room for any more lol Thank's for the help Bert. Very much appreciated.
  14. The only one I am after is the Carenado PA46 Windows Manager which in the manual is binded to Shift + 3. When I press Shift + 3 nothing happens. It isn't a standard key bind for FSX. I think what I need to know is what Carenado use to open the Windows Manager when pressing Shift + 3 so I can re-map it. Not sure though? I would have thought it would be the same for all Carenado planes with the Windows Manger?
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