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  1. Hi, There was previously a feature which allowed you to only have ground traffic without the use of real traffic program. Please would you be able to provide me with the previous version that allowed this? Thanks, Jacob
  2. Hello! I am just querying whether when live mode is switched off (parked aircraft only) it is normal for the aircraft to slowly disappear and if it can be made so this doesn't happen? Many Thanks!
  3. I'm very impressed with this, absolutely love this programme! Thank you so much for implementing this! Thanks Jacob
  4. That’s brilliant! Thank you very much for looking into this for me, I’m sure there will be many others who will love this feature too! I’m sure I speak on behalf of many when I thank you for your contribution to the community. Thanks Jacob
  5. I do very much like the feature of having the stands filled at the aircraft but using VATSIM at the same time so this software is perfect for that but obviously will require me to keep paying the subscription. I just wanted to know if there was a work around for this but i'm assuming that there isn't. Thanks anyway Jacob
  6. Hi, I am an active user of PSXseeconTraffic on P3D V4 however I want to use the program to simply spaw AI aircraft on the stands rather than see live traffic. What I like about the program is it reads the AFCAD to put the correct airline on the stand and you can make it so that you don't actually see live traffic. Because I'm not going to be viewing live traffic I don't really want to renew my real traffic subscription however without opening live traffic, these aircraft will not spawn on the stands. I'm not looking for these aircraft to fly, simply sit on the stand like they would do with real traffic running. Is there a way to get this to happen without real traffic? Thanks Jacob
  7. Hi, I've tried this on the RYR pack by Christian Mohr and it still does not use the config. Thanks Jacob
  8. Hello, Previously on FSX I never had any issues with the aircraft however since using the steam edition I have encountered an issue where unless I manually put the config in through the FMC, eg selecting the heads up display off. None of the repaints which I am importing through the operations center are bringing the config with them, simply the repaint. The aircraft all have configs in the repaint but the operations center is just not using them. Is there a fix for this? Thanks Jacob
  9. After speaking to a Ryanair FO I can confirm that the Electric Hydraulic pumps are left on during the turn around and will be switched on when the pilots enter the cockpit on the first flight of the day. They should be on so you can check for leaks on the walk around. The A pumps are turned off though during the push as they provide the hydraulics to the nose gear. Jacob
  10. Sounds great! Not sure if this has been mentioned but didn't find anything by searching, are Ryanair one of the airlines which SOPs will be represented in this new product? Thanks
  11. As a user of the original NGX FS2CREW I can not wait for this! Will there be an option to have the Electrical Hydraulic Pumps left on turning the turn around? Thanks Jacob
  12. I used this http://library.avsim.net/esearch.php?CatID=fsxmisc&DLID=179660 to overwrite the REX textures and it solved the issue. Jacob
  13. Problem solved. I personally thought it was FS Real Time but it was the textures. Thanks for your help! Jacob
  14. Thanks Spin 737, I went into FSX and just turned on the electric hydraulic pumps along side a power source and there it was... the signature whine. It's very quiet on the PMDG so I had never really noticed it, as the only time I would have it on would be during push when GSX/AES is making a lot of noise. I've heard this is left on during windy conditions as the control surfaces will move, meaning the yokes will move about, However Ryanair seem to have them on all the time. I know that they have short turn around's but they seem to switch on straight away anyway. Does anybody know why this is? Thanks Jacob
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