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  1. I would say that it depends on the plane. For example. The Beech or Grumman_Goose, or any sea plane that also has landing wheels, can back off beaches with ease, just deploy the landing gear and shift 9 to reverse. Sadly any float without wheels that deploy you have to be very very careful as They forgot the paddle you use in real life, so you have to use the Y key. It kinda looks like a paddle. I did find if your plane has 2 engines you can use the real life method of using one engine to push and the other to pull so you actually turn enough to get out of the position you found your self in,
  2. Thank you for this up date for one of my favorites. It really flys much more like the real plane. I do have one issue. I can't land on water with out crashing! I land with out flaps and with flaps at 50 and 100 percent. However when the speed gets to 60 the stall speed it crashes! I see the SPLASH text and the flight is over. I have tried landing on water at all speeds I can, but when it gets to the magic 60 knots it crashes. Is there anything I can do to prevent this? I am using FSXA stock plane
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