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  1. Hello!! Just noticed the changes while watching frogglesim youtube videos.. this changes come with the sp1d? thanks! http://gyazo.com/cfda3a3364fa0c1f45e843f917c7eefd http://gyazo.com/2564c1e843f146aaf3c2768271af1cc8
  2. Hi Joop! I think you had the latest and correct version of the 737-6700NGX variant. About the WX radar...the radar only display precipitation ie. rain/snow not clouds.
  3. Thank you for the update Mr. Randazzo! looking forward to the 744V2 previews
  4. I hope they identified the freezing problem 'cause now I dont really enjoy my 777 family My question is, the settings inside the 777 fmc can make freezing problems? Or it can only cause external programs such as ASN, pfpx, REX etc
  5. I can confirmed in the 77W it works normal.
  6. Hello! somebody to noticed this: in the 77L on captains side yoke when you push the autopilot disconnect button the button goes to the right? another bug,issue? I'm not sure the same thing happen in the 77W or in the freighter version. :huh: Regards.
  7. Hello Pmdg! Great news and welcome back Mr Randazzo Regards.
  8. Hi, next week we're step into 1st half of july. Personally I expecting great news from Pmdg... Or maybe 2 more long weeks need to wait? What is your opinions guys?
  9. This match will be a BIG X... I hope. 1-1 German coach on each side.. RSR pls don't watch it, this will be nearly give you a heart attack xD just a joke. I wish you a quick recovery, Robert.
  10. I get more fps in windowed mode.
  11. Hello! Why RSR did this statement needlessly? ( release timeline) It was totally meaningless drivel.. It is clear that something more serious is wrong with the sp1/77W code.. I count at least +1 month delay.
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