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  1. I have it on a .zip file. How do I get it to you?
  2. I have had the same problem as raymie. It does not seem to happen on every flight. It is intermittent.
  3. whamil77 also has an excellent Mod for the GTX version!
  4. I have been attempting to use the Checklist. However, I will admit I am not very familiar with the King Air models. I don't have any real life experience with them. I thought I did. I have been trying to make this model work off and on all day. I recopied (step 3) and it worked! Thanks again!
  5. Everything is working so far. Except the Left and Right Generators don't seem to be functioning. I am seeing annunciation lights for both L and R DC GEN and also the L and R GEN TIE OPEN. Cycling the generator switches next to the battery switch doesn't seem to help.
  6. Okay I figured it out and boy do I feel stupid! I did not know there were 2 versions of the C90. I initially purchased the "C90GTX" model which does not work with this MOD. After posting above and realizing there was also a C90B, I downloaded the correct version from Carenado. I installed the MOD and Everything seems to be working great! I hope nobody else makes my same mistake! Thanks for your help, Jason
  7. Hello! I purchased the Carenado C90B for FSX_SE today so I could enjoy this mod (Thank you for creating it!) I followed the install instructions (Twice). Each time, when I load the Mod Aircraft, the panel is transparent and the outside textures are black. The default Carenado C90 works great. I am just having trouble with the Mod Aircraft (-21 and -135). Can someone point me to a fix? Thanks!
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