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  1. And thanks from me too, after 2 days of tearing my hair out this finally fixed it, thanks again :smile:
  2. Clint456

    Carenado B1900D (novices module?)

    I've completely dismantled my flight sim pc as I am building a new "simpit" so I can't get at the files at the moment and it may be a little while before I'm up and running again. However, I wlii gladly share the module with you (and the community of course) but, as my original post states, I don't know how to upload it as a file. So I will just have post the text and hope that will be ok. Please understand that I an very much a novice and there will no doubt be a few issues with what I've done and how I've done it. but that was the point of the original post. It works for me, I hope it will work OK for you and anyone else. :smile:
  3. Clint456

    What speakers do you use?

    Alesis M1 Active Mk II studio reference monitors.
  4. Clint456

    Linda Assignments

    Hi That function already exists in the Dash profile, see "DC All Batteries On" and "DC All Batteries Off", it even switches them in the correct sequence. Very useful and works great There is also a similar function for all the DC gens = DC All Gen On" Hope this helps
  5. LINDA has made a huge difference to my flight-simming experience and I would like to pay back a little to the community by learning how to create a module which I can then share. So I have had a go at a module for the Carenado B1900D to add some of those functions which are not just the ordinary FSX controls. I haven't yet learned how to do deal with things like the "initTimer" so it's basically just "ipc.writeLvar" and toggle functions so far. I'm sure there are plenty of improvements which can be made and it would be great if the more expert members can help or advise if they are interested, but I don't know how to upload the module I have created though (it has about 62 functions), unless I just paste the text into a post which doesn't seem like a good idea. Where should I go from here? Any help or advice much appreciated Best Regards
  6. Clint456


    I have only recently discovered LINDA and just wish to say a massive THANK YOU to artem, guenseli and all the other contributors for this "game-changing" software add-on. LINDA has opened up a world of hardware opportunities for me and taken my flight-simming enjoyment to a whole new level. Thank you!