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  1. Thanks for the reply Bob. I was hoping a simple drop-in solution such as yours would work. Now I'll consider something like your throttle quad solution. Or maybe some sort of rack and pinion to a rotary pot, if space provides. Fun to consider the alternatives. /Len
  2. Bob, I see that you list a PFC yoke with Hall sensor retrofit in your system 1 inventory. I have an old PFC Cirrus yoke from their PCATD system that I modified for USB by using an Arduino board. My yoke uses sliding pots for the axis. I am interested in converting those to Hall sensors. Is yours a factory retrofit, or is it one you built on your own. I would appreciate any recommendations you may have. Thanks. /Len
  3. I am constructing a cockpit setup and want to add to the Virtual-Fly TQ6 throttle quadrant I already have. I was considering the VF yoke and rudder pedals, until I came across Flyhirundo. Is there any new information on the development or availability of the rudder pedals and yoke? I am replacing Saitek pedals and PFC Cirrus Yoke (PCATD). /Len
  4. The stewardesses (pre-PC term) were cute and their uniforms of that era made the series worth watching IMHO. ;-)
  5. It's hard to tell from the photo if there is any damage, but you may have some luck by just cleaning the pot strips using isopropyl alcohol and cotton swabs. If there is a way to remove the slider, you should also clean its contacts. If needed, the metal strips (not the carbon) and slider contacts may also be cleaned by gently using a clean pencil eraser, followed by the alcohol and cotton swabs. I hope this helps. /Len
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