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  1. Even an alternative software would do. I've not really been able to find out if anybody else does head movement software and if so if any of the alternatives can produce the effect to the same level.
  2. Hey, thank you for the response! I don't think what you've described is what I'm trying to do however. The two thumb sticks I mentioned are effectively miniature joysticks I guess and prior to EZDok I used the right thumb stick in order to freely pan around any view in any direction. Because EZDok requires that axis assignment to be deleted (any attempt to look around otherwise results in the camera being forced to centre), I now have to use their method of panning on my D-Pad (the aforementioned hat switch) which effectively has four only four directions and is much more useful for key assignments. I'd like to go back to using my method. It's an incredibly frustrating situation because I really like the software, but without a remedy to this problem I can't really use it.
  3. Hey there, first post with a new account. Couldn't get in to my old one. First off I hope this is the appropriate place. I installed EZDok about a year ago and kept putting off actually setting it up correctly since then. Yesterday after seeing yet another video showcasing the head movement effects I decided it was time to bite the bullet and get stuck into those setup videos. Everything is setup correctly and working as intended. The way I fly is with keyboard, mouse and an XBOX controller. Basically I use the controller for hand flying, and have assigned various crucial and commonly used tasks to the buttons, the left thumb stick for pitch and roll and the right thumb stick for panning my view. The ability to pan with the right thumb stick means I can very quickly and accurately flick switches with my mouse in the virtual cockpit, it's essential to the way I fly. The keyboard sits near by with all of the less urgent assignments that you'd expect. As I'm sure many of you are aware, setup of EZDok requires you to unbind some keys and some axis assignments. That's not a problem for the most part, except for my ability to look with the right thumb stick. If you leave this assigned you get the annoying issue of the camera snapping back to centre after a few seconds. So no choice but to remove it. EZDok does provide a panning ability, in the case of my controller with the D-Pad which is effectively a hat switch I believe. I find this method jerky and probably a fair bit too slow for those high work rate phases of flight. So I guess I'm asking two things here. Is it possible to have an axis input in or alongside EZDok or a way to use only the effects? I should point out here that the effects in question are pretty much my sole concern, whilst I like some of the cameras EZDok adds, I have no intention of creating my own. I did make a post over at EZDok's forums, but I've noticed that nobody had posted a thread prior to that for six months or more. Any responses will be greatly appreciated, I'd really like to sort this issue out!
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