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  1. Hmmm, okay. Thanks for the input Skywolf. I feel like it could be caused by some sort of leak as that would make logical sense why pausing would induce this problem. Thanks
  2. My P3D is in program files. Should I refrain from using this then? Thanks
  3. Hi Guys, There's a lot of topics about OOM errors out there, but I have a circumstance that I haven't found addressed yet. My errors occur when I pause for an extended time. You see, I have occasions where I begin a flight and then realise that I will not complete the flight early enough in the evening, so I pause and resume the following day after work. This essentially means that I can be paused for almost 24 hours. Yes, that's an extremely long time. However, I never used to have this happen. I think it was with P3D V3 I started noticing this. Does anyone know if there is a way to prevent this error - other than not to pause for so long? Thanks!
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