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  1. Hmmm, okay. Thanks for the input Skywolf. I feel like it could be caused by some sort of leak as that would make logical sense why pausing would induce this problem. Thanks
  2. My P3D is in program files. Should I refrain from using this then? Thanks
  3. Hi Guys, There's a lot of topics about OOM errors out there, but I have a circumstance that I haven't found addressed yet. My errors occur when I pause for an extended time. You see, I have occasions where I begin a flight and then realise that I will not complete the flight early enough in the evening, so I pause and resume the following day after work. This essentially means that I can be paused for almost 24 hours. Yes, that's an extremely long time. However, I never used to have this happen. I think it was with P3D V3 I started noticing this. Does anyone know if there is a way to prevent this error - other than not to pause for so long? Thanks!
  4. Hey Guys, DBS was my favourite camera addon for FSX, because it was so easy to use for the purpose of taking pictures from Custom angles quickly. Does anyone know how to make it work in P3D? Thanks in advance for your help gentlemen! Regards
  5. Ah, Okay...I appreciate the clarification
  6. PMDG *highly* recommends that you choose a 64-bit operating system to avoid problems with Prepar3D running out of memory due to a 32-bit environment. Wouldn't it be 4GB max virtual memory anyways?
  7. Hi guys, I was an avid user of this in FSX. I felt that P3D had enough effects to do more than just satisfy. Do you think it's really worth it to add these effects into P3D? Serious question...if you feel there is real reason to do it still, I will look into tweaking it to work as well!
  8. dbs Walk and Follow was my favourite in FSX. However, I have not been able to get it to work in P3D. So, I'm going to guess it's simply not compatible :-(
  9. So in FSX, SweetFX was a must have for me. But, I find myself liking the way P3D looks out the box. Has anyone experimented with SweetFX and come across a tweak that they prefer? Regards
  10. Hi Ollie! I missed your post! Sorry about that! I am using DX10, but I don't believe that to be the problem. I believe REX or another addon damaged the texture responsible for casting light onto the ground.
  11. Hello Guys, My PMDG 777-200 landing and taxi lights aren't casting any illumination onto the runway surface or anything. I haven't explored this in detail, but I have a feeling this is a common file that would provide lights to much more than just the PMDG 777. I know no one can share this file per say, but does anyone know what file I am missing?
  12. Hi, I actually found out my light illumination issue was the texture folder, which I have fixed. Yes, exactly the star looking light effect I was missing! I'm sorry to hear that's not a dx10 feature. I assume there is no work around for that? I appreciate all of your replies folks! I love this community for its responsiveness! Regards
  13. Hello Folks! I use the DX10 fixer and I seem to be having some issues. At first, I couldn't see landing lights and the bloom effect was much much much less than it is in DX9. Before you dismiss this as being a DX10 issue I was able to correct the landing lights situation by replacing a few textures in my textures folder from a friends installation. Still, though, my bloom effect is nothing like that of the bloom effect in DX9 when I switch back to it. I have ruled out SweetFX as a possible cause to the limiting of the lights. Has anyone else got any suggestions? Does it sound like a DX10 problem, or is this perhaps a texture issue? Thanks so much for all your help!
  14. Hi Everyone! I have had this product for a while and I'm coming to a bit of a problem here. Maybe I'm just not understanding something right, and this fix is as simple as a tweak in the program settings. Simply put, I don't appear to have any bloom effect, and no matter what plane I am in, I don't show the Aircraft lights lighting up the surface of the ground. Once My current flight finishes. I'll switch back to DX9 and confirm that all these things are working correctly for me. In the meantime, has anyone run into this type of problem that has been resolved by tweaking settings in the DX10 configuration program? Thanks for your help and regards!
  15. I have used both...and I'd like to point out that Fiber is a more recent product by the same company. Overall, Fiber does more to increase frames. Search for frooglesim's video on youtube where he uses it! Amazing tool really!
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