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  1. Hi Ever since the last Windows 10 update Real Traffic will not open as it would normally. I have not touched a thing and has run rock solid forever. It shows up in the task manager as Java(TM) Platform SE binary in task manager when app is started. I have updated to latest version and re installed several times. Is anyone else having an issue? Or any help would be appreciated Im not sure why it wont show. Weird! Thanks
  2. Crouchair

    P3d 4.5 loading issues

    I think they found the problem worked for me Add this to CFG [STARTUP]LoadVirtualReality = 0 Cheers
  3. Crouchair

    PF3 or Radar Contact?

    I have both. PF3 is far superior to rc4 as long as you take time to set flight up properly enter sids and stars ect. Voices are great
  4. Crouchair

    Saitek rudder and brakes problem help

    Hi yes I have lost the left toe it just stopped working one day and cant seem to fix it. I thought it was a hardware issue but I dont think that is the case. Strange thing I dont understand why . Cheers Luke