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  1. Me as well. Can't wait for Rex Texture Direct (with soft clouds) to be updated, however, in their recent update statement REX makes no mention of v5 compatibility for Texture Direct :( I am not too sure if I messed up something in v5 but my grass textures are all blurry. Was hoping to use Texture Direct to improve grass textures but I guess we'll have to wait for it. Any one else have really crappy grass in v5?
  2. Thanks KillaBee, tried everything listed in this thread but nothing seems to help. I moved ORBX!Vector right below Africa and above 1107 Base and renamed CVX6725.bgl from the ORBX Vector folder. That way only Mumbai is affected by this change and nothing else as far as ORBX Vector is concerned. I'd rather fly with a working airport than with working land class if given to choose. VABB works perfect, only the land class info is dated.
  3. For those using ORBX Vector try moving ORBX!Vector below 803 in the scenery library. Messes with some of the new road data associated with Vector like the sea link but it fixed all my runway issues including the sinking issue and the dual taxiway marks.
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