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  1. please read here, note that the correct size of bglmanx_fsdt.dat is 726,144 COUATL scripting engine not starting in MSFS (fsdreamteam.com)
  2. Please read here: COUATL scripting engine not starting in MSFS (fsdreamteam.com)
  3. Please read here: COUATL scripting engine not starting in MSFS (fsdreamteam.com)
  4. To find the conflict you can do a search in your add-on for *.psb files the add-ons that contain these files if not written well, are able to eliminate the trucks and the men on the ground, I have daily reports from my "My Replacement Assistance Trucks" clients who have such conflicts and don't see trucks on ground.
  5. The liveries are customized for areas of the world especially those of the catering, you will not find Emirates catering in New York for example.
  6. I would like to point out, this is an alternative, for 14.99 usd it is already for the whole world, and in the next free update it adds pushback and stairs with animated hostess. https://youtu.be/13NFGfQBWHI https://simultech.ch/2022/03/11/yes-another-update-for-my-replacement-assistance-trucks/ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yFPlTUZ6KRw
  7. I am honored that my Zurich (Fsdreamteam) is still being appreciated in 2021 considering I modeled it in 2005-07, 14 years ago! Sure I converted texture to PBR but the modeling is the original one! Thanks again guys! Alessandro Cucinotta.
  8. The blue lights are a problem related to the simulator and the new UK update, we have already reported the problem that affects most of the addons on the market, and I hope will be fixed with the next update from Microsoft (which I hope will be released soon as a hotfix). Unfortunately the problem is in the simulator and we cannot do anything. Alessandro.
  9. Thanks, I have been collaborating with Fsdreateam for 14 years, I create the 3D graphics of most of the scenery from O 'Hare to KEYW passing through all the others of Fsdreamteam.
  10. OK job done! Fsdreamteam Facebook A. Cucinotta Simultech.ch
  11. The work we did at the time for KORD only with the new FS stands out properly, for those interested here is a little behind the scenes on how I create the right materials for MSFS. https://simultech.ch/?p=265 Alessandro.
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