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  1. Same issue for me when using VFR Airfields Vol2 and ORBX Global, VECTOR and Europe LC. I started a post on the UK2000 forums back in May 2016. It's still unresolved. Testing has proved it is not a hardware resource issue, in fact the PC idles down while it freezes. Would love to know how to resolve the issue with disabling one product or the other. Cris.
  2. spagatelli

    P3D v3 and TrackIR

    If it is a fresh install of Prepar3d v3 with no other versions or Prepar3D or FSX, then you need to install the following: Program Files (x86) (or wherever you have installed Prepar3D v3)\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3\redist\Interface\FSX-SP2-XPACK\retail\lib\SimConnect.msi Once installed, TrackIR 5 should work.
  3. The latest driver update appears to have reversed the penultimate step of my above "fix". I find that I now need to make sure the window is not maximised on the centre screen prior to pressing ALT-ENTER. Not sure if anyone are has found this issue, but it is a pain. I wish Nvidia or LM would find and fix the issue.
  4. ***WORKAROUND*** I purchased P3D v2.2 yesterday and hit this problem within minutes of installation. FSX worked (almost) perfectly with NVidia Surround, however P3D initially used all three screens then after installing another piece of software (not an add-on), I hit this problem with full screen only appearing on one monitor. The problem appeared to be having another window open when launching P3D. After much tinkering, I have come up with a workaround as follows: First of all, P3D seems to ignore the resolution you set, so if you want to make use of bezel correction, set the desktop to the corrected resolution (i.e. what you want P3D to run). Next, within P3D, set the resolution to match (even though it appears to ignore this value) Select black out windows (sorry if this is wrong, I can't remember exactly what this is called) and optionally, set to auto-fill main view. Now run P3D. If this appears on one screen, press alt-enter to make P3D run in a window and drag the window to the centre screen. Now either double-click the title bar or press the maximise button on the window, so the window fills the centre screen. Finally press alt-enter to go fullscreen and voila, you should have full surround across all three monitors. This appears to work consistently for me, so until the issue is fixed by LM, it only takes few seconds to work around. Hope this works for you also. BTW, I'm running the latest WHQL Nvidia drivers, running Windows 8.1 64bit.