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  1. DPdeGroot

    PMDG_777.dll causing fatal error?

    Thanks for the advice! I hope pmdg can help me out! @Johnny19 It is clear we got the same issue ...
  2. DPdeGroot

    PMDG_777.dll causing fatal error?

    No, I did not solved the issues with the NGX yet, Both aircraft experience CTD I think the reason behind the fatal errors is similar.. But that is just a guess..
  3. DPdeGroot

    PMDG_777.dll causing fatal error?

    I did a clean install specially for the 777 to make sure nothing would cause problems.. So,I already did that.. @falcon999: What do you mean by 'a ticket'?
  4. DPdeGroot

    PMDG_777.dll causing fatal error?

    What exactly happened yesterday was: Mid-air during short haul flight between KIAD and KORD Switched the option to control the EFIS and DSP by the CDU | ON/OFF just to discover some of the functions of the 777. (Picture in the attachment) It also happened when I took off from YMML for a quick touch and go practice. Gear up, climb, flaps 1 ... left turn. bang.. Fatal Error. I want to point out, that it happened with the NGX too. It happened during various different procedures. Some examples when it happened were: - Load a saved panel State - Switch view from cockpit to spot view - Random view panning around in the cockpit It seems that it is sensitive to crash when certain actions are taken by the simmer. It always shows an error log similar to the attached file in my previous post. Hope this is more clear, David
  5. DPdeGroot

    PMDG_777.dll causing fatal error?

    @FishermanIvan I know its embarrassing,.. But I had to printscreen in order to get a good view of whats going on.. hahah!
  6. DPdeGroot

    PMDG_777.dll causing fatal error?

    Hi guys, Recently I bought the PMDG 777 and unfortunately my FSX is getting fatal errors at unpredictable moments during (and sometimes after) flights. I have read a lot about fatal errors and the UIautomationcore.dll is not the problem causing it. It happens during panel state changes in the NGX and currently when setting up the fmc of the 777 too. The crash report stated the problems in a ''language'' I could not understand ..... Hope somebody can help me out! ***DO NOT PAY ATTENTION TO MY PC USERNAME,.. ITS A JOKE BY MY BEST FRIEND, STILL HAVE TO CHANGE IT BACK...*** (sorry...) A printscreen of the event can be found in the attachment. I was not able to upload the report .wer file, dont know why. Thanks in advance David, Amsterdam