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  1. forostar

    [13JUL17] Quick update from us...

    PMDG - you rock! Thanks for all the v hard work that's gone into these releases.
  2. forostar

    Pro-Atc or Radar Contact?

    Thanks Ray and Naif - useful to know on both counts!
  3. forostar

    Pro-Atc or Radar Contact?

    Hmm - food for thought. Thanks both. And Ray: yes, you're quite right. That was a flippant comment regarding the age of the program. I should clarify I was referring to the likelihood it would function with P3Dv2. But a closer look reveals plenty of users who have RC4.3 and P3D getting along fine together. Rick - thanks, again, you're quite right, if there's a demo then it's always worth a look. I did know about the FO, but from the Mutley's review it looked as though you couldn't enable him/her throughout the flight. If you're saying an entire flight can be completed without voice recog then great, worth a look for me. Much obliged gents. Chris.
  4. forostar

    Pro-Atc or Radar Contact?

    Crikey. Well I found this thread and thought "excellent! I'll find an answer as to which atc addon is best" but it's like the hall of mirrors in here! Till now I've just used EFB and/or the FMCs from the more advanced aircraft to navigate and basically left the default ATC to do it thing without controlling my flight. I'm flying p3dv2 now, so fingers crossed - someone will develop a powerful atc tool for that. For now though, I think it might be a case of leaving well alone. None of these programs seem to tick all the boxes, although Pro ATC sounds like it was promising until the support and updates turned out to be woeful (according to what many of you seem to be saying). I would go for PFE or RC but they're ancient. As for Vox ATC, sorry guys, again it does sound promising, but I just don't want my missus coming back home and finding me talking to my PC. Also - living in a terraced Victorian row of houses, the neighbours are going to get pretty ratty at me talking loudly to Swanwick as I cross the Bristol Channel for that late descent into EGLL... :rolleyes: Don't get me wrong, I totally "get" why people would find it cool to interact with ATC through voice recognition. But me - I prefer buttons. Quieter. Basically what I want is RC5, I believe... for P3Dv2. So it's a real shame to hear about the developer's real-life challenges, but totally understand and respect his decision to focus on those priorities. Fingers crossed for a new version of Pro ATC or something else that will tick the boxes for FSX and P3D.