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  1. Updating to P3D v4.3 today so wanted to update my installation of your Addon Manager. Both MS Edge and Google Chrome are blocking the D/L of the file from your site with a virus warning. Can you advise?
  2. Killieboy64

    Windowed mode top bar removal?

    Hi Dave. I think this is what you are looking for. I use it and it works fine. Links:
  3. Killieboy64

    Replacement GSX voice pack for de-icers

    And why after all these years does the Follow Me car message still read "the follow me car is arrived". Surely a native English speaker somewhere should have pointed this error out to Umberto by now. Great program nevertheless.
  4. Killieboy64

    The sun

    I live in Scotland. What exactly is this 'sun' thing?
  5. Killieboy64

    QualityWings 787 Feedback

    I read that if you remove update KB4038788 that resolves it. I fly V4 so can't try it.
  6. Killieboy64

    Just upgraded to a GTX 1070...

    Hi Sid I'm considering the exact same move as you. Perhaps you can feed back your findings on this thread so I can build a case for upgrade and dazzle the 'Mrs' with science thus securing a 1070 for my birthday in a couple of weeks. Derek
  7. Killieboy64

    Traffic and ATC addon

    That looks very interesting. The only issue I can foresee is that at many airports the A/C switch off their transponders on the ground so the full taxi to the gate and park may be missing. It would kill emersion a bit if planes just disappeared after exiting the runway. Is there any way around this?
  8. Killieboy64

    Installing add ons in V4

    When you are in an aircraft take your mouse pointer to the top of the screen and click on the "World" tab. Drop down menu presents a "scenery library" option. This is the default method of adding scenery folders. Kind Regards Derek
  9. Killieboy64

    Installing add ons in V4

    Why not simply do it from within the sim? Just go to the scenery menu and add area, pointing to the folder of your choosing. In my PC "scenery cfg" lives in C\Program Data\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3d V4. (if you want to add manually) Regards Derek
  10. Killieboy64

    Installing add ons in V4

    Peter FlyTampa have a landclass entry too for EHAM and they have modeled the ground with fields (big slim rectangular ones) and motorways etc for a few miles around the airport. I don't see that in your screenshot. Perhaps you don't have this activated but the exclude file is still in play? Just a thought. Kind Regards Derek
  11. Killieboy64

    Installing add ons in V4

    Hi Peter I know you only asked Rob but... I copied over my EHAM from V3 and forgot to move a file which caused an elevation problem. Moved it over and everything appears normal now, no issues. The file I missed was in scenery/world/scenery and is called AFX_EHAM_flytampa_dummy.bgl I hope this simple fix is your problem. Kind Regards Derek
  12. Killieboy64

    v4 Early Impressons

    Perhaps you forgot to copy over the AFX dummy file which corrects the elevation. It's located in scenery/world/scenery. For EHAM its called AFX_EHAM_flyfampa_dummy.bgl. There are some more for their other airports too.
  13. Killieboy64

    What is your test airfield?

    EGPK Prestwick. Long ILS runway, fog free, light traffic and beautiful local scenery.
  14. Killieboy64

    I did something bad - need help

    Make sure you have folder option for "show hidden folders" (?) active or you won't see App Data
  15. Killieboy64

    UTII AI model replacement

    Open UT2, go to Traffic Options and uncheck box for "Display generic repaints (Daedalus)". Should be ok then I hope.