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  1. Thanks for the reply. You misunderstood me I did not lose my windows activation but the PMDG T7 activation after windows update. Now I've re-activate the T7 so all is working well. However, not sure if PMDG would consider that I've activated the T7 on a new computer and reduce my activation count or not. In fact, it was not a new computer but with OS updated. Francis
  2. BTW, I've tried uninstall and reinstall the base package 1.10.6492 still unable to re-register with my activation code. Francis
  3. Yesterday, I updated my Windows 10 to Version 1511, build 10586.36 and now the T7 said I don't have a valid licence code. When I enter the activation code, the system said cannot connect to the server. Any quick help before I submit a ticket or will revert back to previous Windows? Francis Leung YMML
  4. Thanks Rob for the quick reply before I execute deltree FSX Answers from me below: I really appreciate your effort into nailing this bugger, thanks Rob and your PMDG team. Francis
  5. The last advice from support is for me to delete fsx and reinstall clean! Well, did anyone with this S-turn problem have tried the reinstall and magically the problem is gone? We all know it is a huge time consuming task. I may try uninstall T7 and reinstall first but did this help some of you? Francis
  6. Hi Van, I have also noticed this weird thing when manually increasing the time compression to 8X from 4X, the aircraft will bank to the left whereas the ND would indicate turn to the right, as if magically the autopilot and GPS/IRS has been disconnected. Does that ring a bell in terms of finding bugs? I can post my video if you want. As I said in my ticket, no ASN, no FSUIPC, clear sky FSX weather, all clean and it happens without failure on all flights, even tonight I switch to HDG SEL and the same weido thing happened so LNAV logic is not to blame, and from previous posts, other users can repeat the same issue on their plane on HDG SEL as well. Cheers, Francis
  7. For those of u like me who have the 8x compression s-turn problem, I have a thought and tonight test the flight again using hdg sel and again manually increase the time compression, stable at 4x but once hit 8x, S-turn started again so the bug is not in the LNAV code may I boldly suggest. see screenshot attached. I have resubmitted this on my existing ticket. Can any of u having the same problem try hdg-sel and 8x and report back to PMDG? Francis
  8. Got a reply from support this evening, asking me about the weather and wind and turbulence. I reload the saved game with no ASN and weather reset to clear sky, still doing the same S turn, no FSUIPC either. Finger crossed the root of the problem can be found and solved soon. Sounds like the hotfix announced by RSR is not happening yet. Francis
  9. Just submitted a ticket to support. Hopefully it will be resolved soon. Francis
  10. I'm also having the yo-yo s-turn problem after SP1 is installed, no hardware changes, have also deleted fsuipc.ini to be regenerated, no improvement. Flying at up to 4x is fine. Francis Leung
  11. You can just use the new VHHH as default destination, insert the CH VOR after TH and fly the IGS approach using HDG SEL and manually tune the KL IGS on FMC as 111.9/089 the SL NDB is still in FSX so you can manually tune 268. Francis
  12. Guys, just searched Kai Tak IGS and found this thread. I'm sharing one of my few successful landing on the T7, enjoy and don't stress out about the delay in getting SP1: https://vimeo.com/98406226 Francis Leung
  13. Trying the banner! Francis Leung YMML http://downloads.precisionmanuals.com/images/forum/Boeing777_Banner_Pilot.jpg Last one didn't work, how about this one. Francis Leung YMML
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