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  1. I recently rebuilt my computer from the ground up in November, and have had nothing by issues with windows 7 since. I finally got so feed up that I upgraded to windows 10. As I got everything installed, I noticed that the internet seem unusually slow and keeps timing out. With Vpilot, I have a good 30-45 min online before I get an error resulting in disconnection "10060) A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond". The ACARS program I am using keeps giving me a "10054 An existing connection was forcibly closed by the remote host", every about 30-45 min. I have made sure the 3290 port is open, the AV is turned off, I have made sure that both programs are allowed through the firewall, and it still times out. Has anyone had this issue and or knows what needs to be done to fix it?
  2. pwafer, That didn't work. I have disabled the http 1.1 and use through proxies and all TLS ticked (1.0 to 1.2). I have tried with different combinations of them on and off, to include all checked. No dice. This is really frustrating. I cant load any of these, and Id really like to get them installed. any other suggestions?
  3. ok, So the account is there, and I cant seem to get the aircraft to install still. Gordan, Are those boxes supposed to be checked? Are some of them supposed to be checked?
  4. Ok, so a small update. I just tried to install one of the aircraft, went to the site to get the serial number, and POOF, my account is suddenly not there anymore. I know for a fact it was there last night as I started this thread. Awaiting the response of the company. I still would like to press forward on finding a fix if anyone is still willing to help. Thanks in advance. Davin
  5. Gordan, All of those were checked. Should those not be checked in order for this to work? Zatoichi I am not exactly sure what that is...
  6. Hey All! Hope you have had a pleasant start to the new year. I was wanting to reach out to the sim community and see if you can help me solve an issue that is stopping me from reinstalling my Carenado Add-on's. I have been having plenty of issues with this new computer that I rebuilt after my rig of 9 years finally died. This one is particularly vexing. I go to install the add on, I put the correct password, the correct username in, and i get a "0 Error the specified serial is not valid". After rying some basic things, (turning the AV off, turning the firewall off, to name a few) I contacted the Carenado customer support. They said the reason that this is happening is that there is something blocking the access to the company server. They recommended the above fixes, none worked. They had me contact my ISP to see if their website was blocked, and that isn't not the case. I am reaching out to the sim community for help on the matter. Does anyone know of any secondary firewall or AV that is native to the Windows 7 setup? Has anyone had this issue and figured it out? Ive seen in the forum that someone had this issue and fixed it but never said what the fix was. Any help would be great, Thanks in advance
  7. ok, ran the repair for FSX, havnt even ran the sim yet and the DLL is there. I even installed FSXSE and the DLL is in that file as well. I deleted the file and I have changed the name of the file as well as the xml.... i dont understand why this keeps popping up. The error is now popping up when I install FSX. There has been no Add-ons added, the only software installed on this computer prior to FSX being installed were the drivers. Should i try loading this in Safe mode or something? I am at a loss here.
  8. Ok, followed the instructions to the letter, still have the dll.xml and still have the error 28.....
  9. This is the error that keeps repeating. This must be the DLL that your talking about that is corrupt? fsx.exe 10.0.60905.0 44fd0a92 API.DLL 10.0.60905.0 44fd0f33 c0000005 00072c5b ee8 01d3619d2fa48826 C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\fsx.exe C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Games\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\API.DLL 78e06cc8-cd90-11e7-bf80-309c233f8441 I also have 1.1.4322 and 2.0.50727 installed in the framework folder. I also have made it so that FSX is under full control for every user. The only thing in my FSX folder (the one with the FSX.CFG) is just the DLL.XML, nothing else.
  10. Currently I just have FSX installed. no SP's or Acceleration. I'll start working down the list of the items you have suggested above and report back. Just for giggles, I tried to install Acceleration. Got the Error "system security did not initialized. Please visit one of the support web sites listed in the manual".
  11. So I was having issues with my computer and FSX (display resolution error), not to mention a hardware failure, decided to run a fresh copy of windows on a new drive, thus a fresh install of FSX. Part of the way through the install, FSX gives me "Error ID = 28 Unable to install message filter". it looks like FSX has loaded to the computer, so I try it from the program list. I get the same error, FSX will not start. I have looked up resolutions on the net for this and I have yet to find anything that leads to a fix. Any help would be great as I have no idea what more I can do.
  12. OK, looks like I jumped the gun, it did not fix it. I am leaning toward the my Graphics card possibly about to die. been having grapics issues off and on for over a year with this. Im also thinking about shot gunning the problem and reinstalling FSX. Will keep you guys up to date.
  13. Problem solved. Did what you said and I also installed a later revision of the Driver for the card. starts working without an issue. Thanks for your help!
  14. Hey Guys and Gals, want to see if you can help me with an issue I am having with FSX. Out the blue, on start up, I keep getting the FSX requires min display error. I have taken to the internet and tried the following suggestions; update my video driver, edit the FSX.CFG file to reflect my current graphics card display output settings, and even deleted my FSX.CFG file and let the game rebuild it. The only one that works is deleting the CFG. Problem solved, right? The issue is that it keeps coming back. It seems that something in the CFG may be corrupting the file after its first "use", thus starting the cycle all over again. I am completely at a loss right now. Currently running Windows 7, Intel I5-2400 @3.10GHZ and 16 GB ram. The Graphics card is a NVIDA GeForce GTX960.
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