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  1. pwafer

    No Diamonds@ILS Approach

    A picture is worth a 1000 words. Can you post a Virtual Cockpit screenshot of when you are at the point on the approach where you expect to see the diamonds, please? PMW
  2. Hi Spokes, OK! Lets try that! Hmmm....that does something different to the links in the OP. "DL=1" allows download instead of just opening the picture in Dropbox. works! Thanks.
  3. Gents, Thanks for your replies. Tried the shader thing - renamed the SHADER10 folder in C:\users\philip\appdata\local\microsoft\fsx. FSX made a new one but no change to the issue. I then went on to research my issue on the indicated forum, and was back and forth to Steves' DX10 Fixer software UI. On the diagnostic readout it mentioned Toned Shadows disabled, and this particular dialog box mentioned opaque dials. Tried that - toned shadows enabled - back in business!! Off topic - I tried to embed pics in this post as per my OP but they got refused as "not a supported format"!! What am I missing??
  4. Hello all, The aircraft involved are the Realair Turbine Duke V2, and Legacy V1 and V2. With the Duke the instruments show for a second and then disappear. The GTN shows ok. With the Legacies, the instruments don't show at all, but the end results are slightly different. Can anybody shed any light on my problem? Has anybody seen this before? See pics below. I'm running FSX SP2, with DX10 + Steves fixer.
  5. pwafer

    installing Carenado Addons, error 0

    This reminds me of a problem I had recently. I had trouble logging into SOME forums. I got no errors, but after a login try I would end up back at the forum home page. What fixed it for me was to reset my ROUTER to factory defaults. I must have changed some setting or other on the router - I don't know what!! I was able to login to all forums after the reset. I wonder would your problem be due to something similar with your router, that a factory reset might fix??
  6. pwafer

    Fix for AoA indicator on the PFD

    Wow!! Great work guys!
  7. pwafer

    Repaint G-OLTT

    Great job! Thanks, Ron,
  8. pwafer

    Network pc

    Hi Josh, Plan-G is a freeware VFR flight planner. It's available from .You can see the description on their webpage. Also available is the manual on the same webpage. Download the manual and see section 19 - this covers Plan-G on a network.
  9. pwafer

    Network pc

    Josh, I've networked Plan-G for the "Moving Map" facility and exchange of info it gives.
  10. Hi, I had a look at he performance tables and was able to achieve near enough the figures there. Took the aircraft to FL240, about 23 minutes. Take-off using full throttle (MAP 43), full rpm. Climb - I backed off the throttle to MAP 40 and rpm to 2400. I leaned mixture, and as you say, things get a little tight at high altitudes. MAP began to fall above 17000 feet so adjusted up to 40. But by FL200 it had fallen to 35 at full throttle travel, and at FL240 it was 30.5.Referring to the tables I used 2300rpm and MAP29 and leaned the mixture to get a fuel flow of about 32GPH. EGT was about 1225°F. This gives me about 136KIAS/197KTAS. 32GPH is only slightly high compared to the tables, but leaning is a few % "Lean of lean", with a tooltips indication of 12% on the mixture levers. If I go rich of lean, the mixture levers are at 16% and EGT at 1275°F. Airspeed is at 138KIAS/200KTAS and fuel flow is now 38GPH total.
  11. pwafer


    Hi Tristan, Indeed that is the Transponder, and as you say - the left 3D knob only turns it on/off and the right 3D knob does nothing!! To change the code manually, click on the individual digits when you see the plus or minus or use mousewheel. You may need to zoom in to the gauge for accuracy. Speedbugs - put mousepointer on it (changes to hand symbol), use mousewheel. Hope this helps.
  12. pwafer

    Lear45 Aircraft.CFG help

    Hi Gary, Interesting one, this! It seems to me that when FSX ATC is talking directly to you it uses the "ATC_TYPE=Bombardier" variable in the [GENERAL] section, plus the last 3 or 4 characters from the "ATC_ID=JA-O68X" variable from the [Flightsim.X] section of the aircraft you've selected. So you'd get something like " Bombardier 68X go to holding point for runway 28 via taxiway Alpha." But if FSX ATC is warning you of a nearby Lear whilst flying it would say something like - " Caution, Learjet, less than four miles. Report the aircraft in sight!" It's using the "ATC_MODEL=LJ45" variable from the [General] section. Another way around being called "Bombardier" is to select an airline name and number from the drop down list in the aircraft details view when selecting.
  13. pwafer

    Fuel and payload.

    Got it. Thanks Kiki.
  14. Hi all, I'm looking to rectify the [FUEL] section of the AIRCRAFT.CFG. I did a little editing of the [WEIGHT & BALANCE] so that the aircraft would be populated by default with pax & baggage. That was ok. I then decided to set values in the [FUEL] section. I forgot that what I was setting was MAX tank values and consequently that's as far as I can fill the tanks now. Of course I also forgot to take note of the original values and now don't know what to put back in! DRAT! Would somebody please post their original [FUEL] section for comparison. This is mine:- [fuel] LeftMain = -2,-7,0,224,4 //Longitudinal(feet), Lateral(feet), Vertical(feet), Usable gallons), Unusable(gallons) LeftAux = -2,-3,0,0,1 RightMain = -2,7,0,224,4 //Longitudinal(feet), Lateral(feet), Vertical(feet, Usable(gallons), Unusable(gallons) RightAux = -2,3,0,0,1 fuel_type = 2 //Fuel type: 1 = Avgas, 2 = JetA number_of_tank_selectors = 1 electric_pump = 1
  15. >>It's probably not down for good, last I heard Rich was aiming>to have the 732 panel done soon.>>>I've got the latest updates to to 737-200 panel if anyone>wants them, June 20, 2005 was the last update.>Please email me