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  1. I load ORBX YMML with A2A Comanche.into FSX. All is well until I launch Chase Plane. I then get flashing shimmering buildings without touching any buttons or keys. I disable ChasePlane and the flashing goes away. Any help please.. Thanks simdown42
  2. simdown42

    P3DV4 Install Problem

    Thanks Hilkiah All is well Had to enlarge my text setting. I've never had to do this with any other addons. Obviously Carenado needs this action for some reason as it goes through a small graphical process before starting the install screen. Carenado might need to check their programming Cheers simdown42
  3. simdown42

    P3DV4 Install Problem

    Hi I have the latest P3Dv4 Carenado updates. I can successfully get past the serial number/ email window. When I get to the sim selection page the P3D button does nothing and there is a flashing white square next to it with no option to browse. The page then freezes. Anti virus is off. I have P3Dv4 with hotfix 1. I've encountered no problems installing other addons. This is happening on all the new Carenado updates eg Phenom 100, Seneca V. Any help please Thanks simdown42
  4. Many thanks for your help raymie and nisx. Much food for thought Cheers
  5. Hi Sorry if this is a bit off topic. I am thinking of purchasing a biz jet for P3D V3. I am looking at 2 choices. The Carenado EMB 505 300 HD or the Flysimware Learjet 35A. I can't afford both. Any opinions or advice please. Thanks Cheers simdown42
  6. Thanks Mark That worked. Unless I missed it somewhere I don't believe your advice was put forward by Aerosoft as a possible solution before they closed the topic. Cheers simdown42
  7. Hi Has anyone had problems loading after installation the Aerosoft Airbus update 1.31. I and many others are getting a blue screen when trying to load the aircraft. Aerosoft has closed the topic and says it's the fault of the user's computer. I have all my other addons including PMDG, Majestic, A2A etc working perfectly and don't accept Aerosoft's explanation. I'm using Windows 7 64 bit and FSX. Any comments or help please. Cheers simdown42
  8. Hi I am having trouble with the MFD in the new Carenado 182 G1000 v 1.2 for X Plane. Half the buttons don't appear to function and flight planning is a nightmare. I have installed the required data base and when I click on flight plan a huge list of airports appears in a list which the clear button doesn't remove. The G1000 PDF with the aircraft appears to be identical to the one included with the FSX version of the same aircraft which is not much help. In my opinion a dedicated X Plane G1000 PDF would have been nice. Has anyone else bought this yet? Am I missing something? Thanks Cheers simdown42
  9. simdown42

    Aircraft/Scenery Compatibility with P3D 2.5

    Hi Anyone know if Carenado Seneca V, Phenom 100 and B1900D work with P3D 2.5? I had them all ok with 2.4. Thanks simdown42
  10. simdown42

    FSX Fiber Accelerator?

    Hi I've read all the posts and no one appears to have experienced my problem. I tried the demo 1.1 at Aerosoft Thessaloniki with PMDG 737NGX and could not get off the ground. I had OOMS almost immediately after adjusting the settings in Fiber and used up 3 of my demos restarting FSX, getting OOMs and trying again. It was not a question of running out of demo time as I just did a quick setup of the 737. I uninstalled the program and take off under identical conditions was fine. The program appeared to be installed correctly as previously it gave a noticeable improvement on the Innsbruck approach using the NGX. I have rarely experienced OOM issues but I got three in quick succession at Thessaloniki. I have 1 more demo left and may try again tomorrow but I wondered if anyone could help me in the meantime. It seems like a good product but the sudden number of OOMs has me worried so if I'm doing something wrong would someone please let me know. Thanks simdown42.
  11. simdown42

    Possibility to improve FPS

    Thanks to whoever suggested unticking high resolution 3d virtual cockpit in FSX regarding poor FPS in the Carenado Phenom . It dramatically improved FPS and made the Phenom flyable. Not a perfect solution but until Carenado fixes the FPS problem something I can live with. simdown42
  12. simdown42

    MDESIGN UUDD FSX season issue

    Hi Love the UUDD scenery but... I'm a little unclear of how to change seasons on MDESIGN UUDD. I know I have to copy the season files, say Winter, to the main scenery and texture folders. To change to another season do you have to remove the previously transferred Winter season files from the main scenery and texture folders and replace with another, say Spring or do you leave them all in the main folder once you've transferred? Seems a rather complicated procedure. Should be a season switching tool. There appears to be no manual either and the Russian MDesign site is not much help. thanks for any advice simdown42
  13. simdown42

    UTX and Vector Query

    Thanks I suppose what I'm trying to find out is. Will UTX Europe cause the elevation problems I'm having using FTX Vector with third party airports? Thanks simdown42
  14. simdown42

    UTX and Vector Query

    Thanks for your reply FlyCathay. I have tried the configurator. It is not very helpful, especially in version 1.15 where lots of airports that need disabling are missing from the enabled side unlike version 1.10 which included more airports. Many people in the ORBX forum have experienced elevation troubles with Vector despite the configurator. The whole point is I would like something where I am not spending more time with a configurator than flying. I was hoping UTX might be the answer and run smoothly without all the disabling hastles. If you have to disable heaps of third party airports there is not much point in having Vector. I really wanted to know if UTX has the same elevation problems. Thanks again Cheers simdown42.
  15. simdown42

    UTX and Vector Query

    Hi I'm not trying to start a comparison war but I recently uninstalled ORBX Vector 1.15 because of multiple elevation issues with third party airports including Aerosoft Madeira X. I was hoping someone who has UTX Europe working with FTX Global would please tell me if these third party elevation issues are happening with UTX Europe. I mainly want to fly in FTX Global Europe as I have a lot of Aerosoft airports there. I am really only looking for an efficient replacement for Vector for Europe. Would UTX cause elevation issues in ORBX regions eg England as I've found Vector does? Many thanks for any advice simdown42