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  1. Thanks But I current can not get the Aircraft to load ready for take off ... nor how can I add fuel .. if shows low fuel .. this is only a recent problem all has been well up until I re installed latest file Thanks
  2. Aircraft will not start EFB setting to ready for takeoff does not work either Any ideas please
  3. Hi I have submitted to support re AFC Bridge and still have had no response so hoping I can get some Joy here I have both Flight Yoke and Throttle Quad and I am very very impressed and yes its expensive but woth it. I sort time ago the AFC Bridge stopped automatically starting for the LED lights and I have to do this manually I have read about this and followed all instructions and advise but still no resolve.... Can you advise and trully fix this issue... not a big deal but its annoying to me who spent the money It is most likely a MSFS 2020 and compatiabilty issue maybe.. REgards Cliff Tait
  4. Not that I am aware of .. I have no response for a while
  5. This is still an ongoing issue and I have had no response from the software support team Immersion Manager stops PD3 V4.5 from loading up then a message load supported aircraft even when I have loaded a support aircraft Is someone able to inform what is going on I have not had issues with previous versions of PD3 nor when I ran FSX I get a grey square with a message Load the simulator with a supported aircraft ( of which I have) then when I go to close the window I get a notification window Close Immersion Manager are you sure you want to do this? no matter what .. PD3 shuts down Thanks Cliff Tait
  6. I have continued problems with VTX Central All immersions up to date etc but .. please load compatible aircraft then shuts down PD3 no response from support so getting sick of it always shutting down PD3 V4
  7. I have been having similar issues and PD3 V4.4 stops working due to this VFX Central... I also cannot seem to insert file to show problem in support
  8. Different question .. but yes the rain effects on the windscreens would be great as Aerosofts A320 has but can anyone advise if I re download the DC6 for PD3 V4 do I have to re purchase it or is there a discount price offered I re purchased all my PMDG products for PD3 V4 .. then was in formed of a discounted price after the fact.. but I am not complaining PMDg products are worth it in my view... just wondered thats all
  9. flyer58

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    Cant seem to log in anymore ..yes cant see reset password
  10. I tried to install PMDG into PD3D V4 and the installer states cannot find FSX and will not install full stop help anyone
  11. Please can someone help me as I can no longer log into PMDG and can not find anywhere to reset password etc Also does all PMDG products I have purchased like the 737 747V3 777 etc work in P3D V4 as I am changing over from FSX if not do we have to repurchase or is there a free upgrade offered
  12. Hi Thanks but after re downloading the aircraft several times all of a sudden I am now having no trouble but will keep what you mentioned in mind Thanks again
  13. Me too nothing back from Carenado. I have many of their products no problem just the Premier and been offered no solution... very disappointed
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