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  1. addisonj89

    First OOM--at 3 GB VAS

    How can it have such a negative impact though? I have my global textures @1024 no traffic of any kind... It must have some-kind of memory leak. Do you know if you can get an OOM by exceeding your GPU's memory - or does that just cause low fps and stuttering/flashing? Regards James.
  2. addisonj89

    First OOM--at 3 GB VAS

    Just FTX Global, everything else was default. I was flying in the f-35. Regards James.
  3. addisonj89

    First OOM--at 3 GB VAS

    I had an OOM flying over Edinburgh on dense autogen & trees and dense complexity... Absolutely bizzare. I could fly the same flight in fsx to a European payware airport without it occurring! Must be a problem with the sim - somewhere along the line. Btw I'm running gtx 680 2gb, 3770k @ 4.5 & 8gb ram. Explanations would be helpful haha... Regards James.