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  1. addisonj89

    First OOM--at 3 GB VAS

    How can it have such a negative impact though? I have my global textures @1024 no traffic of any kind... It must have some-kind of memory leak. Do you know if you can get an OOM by exceeding your GPU's memory - or does that just cause low fps and stuttering/flashing? Regards James.
  2. addisonj89

    First OOM--at 3 GB VAS

    Just FTX Global, everything else was default. I was flying in the f-35. Regards James.
  3. addisonj89

    First OOM--at 3 GB VAS

    I had an OOM flying over Edinburgh on dense autogen & trees and dense complexity... Absolutely bizzare. I could fly the same flight in fsx to a European payware airport without it occurring! Must be a problem with the sim - somewhere along the line. Btw I'm running gtx 680 2gb, 3770k @ 4.5 & 8gb ram. Explanations would be helpful haha... Regards James.
  4. addisonj89

    Mipbias or something else?

    Mipbias has very little, if any effect in fsx in terms of the user CFG file. It is still used by scenery developers to mip buildings etc. It used to funcion well in fs9, it helped to load distant textures quickly but is unfortunately no longer relevant. Your best off editing you LOD_Radius to a figure between 5.5 and 6.5 (I personally use 5.5) I'm running a 3770k i7 @ 4.5ghz and get a massive performance hit at LOD 6.5 and I don't think it's really worth it. As for drivers I was using 320.48?? But I had a shimmering problem at certain payware airports. I tried different drivers, but settled with 314.22 as this reduced the shimmering to a less noticeable level, which I can just about tolerate haha. Ultimately with the game if you give with one hand it takes with another. I.e you solve one problem and another arises. It's just the way it is, at least until p3d 2.0 comes out...
  5. addisonj89

    Mipbias or something else?

    Hi Odourboy This is a known issue called "popping" caused by a lack of z-buffering within the game. Nothing can be done about it (as far as im aware) as its part of the fsx code, so mipbias will not help. The only thing ive tried that seems to reduce this "popping" effect is to run autogen density at normal. Ultimately it's just a case of having to put up with it I'm afraid. Im running the gtx 680 aswell, you might want to try nvidia inspector for your fsx graphics settings. It has improved my overall sim performance. Also i personally use the nvidia 314.22 driver which I think works best for the card.
  6. Hi guys just searching this forum. I get exactly the same effect at almost all add on airports, especially UK2000. My problem also extends to detailed POI scenery aswell, for example sporting stadiums and bridges and also airport buildings. I'm running ORBX Oz, NZ & EU, it seems the same problems persists in default scrnery also. Everything I try inspector & tweak wise doesn't improve the situation. Has anyone got an idea as to what might be causing the issue? It seems quite a prevalent problem but no solution. I'm running an OC 3770k @ 4.6ghz, 2 x gtx 680 and 16gb Ram. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks guys.