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  1. KyleP

    Saitek throttle quadrant - NGX Flaps and Speedbrake?

    This is what i used. It covers yoke, rudders and levers and discusses calibration as well. Its technically for the CH yoke, but the steps work the same, none the less.
  2. KyleP

    The PMDG 777 Livery thread

    Japan Air System's 1997 livery contest winner. with or without the JAL logo. i don't particularly care.
  3. KyleP

    New 747-8 repaints

    Mark- No rush, and many many thanks!
  4. KyleP

    Saitek panels with the 777

    I use the radio and multi panels. The radio panel works as-is with every addon i have, including the PMDG 777/737/MD11. The multi panel had limited out-of-the-box functionality. Most(if not all) of the autopilot functions dont work, but the AT switch will usually function, and the flaps lever will work. What i find it most handy for is the trim wheel. This guy has a fairly detailed tutorial on how to incorporate FSUIPC, LINDA and SPAD to get all the functions to work:
  5. KyleP

    New 747-8 repaints

    while i don't have the 747, your repaints(along with a select few other painters) are becoming most of what i fly nowadays. any chance of the AV Cargo paint on the PMDG 777? i fly the MD-11 in your AV scheme regularly, but sometimes i wanna keep the paint but switch to something a tad bigger... apologies for the hijack :rolleyes:
  6. KyleP

    B-36 peacemaker

  7. KyleP

    Repainter Looking for Work

    just to throw some more on your list, if time permits! SimCheck A300 in ExpressNET airlines (N373PC) and/or the 777 in an AV Cargo scheme (fictional) many many thanks!
  8. KyleP

    Captain Sim L1011 released.

    not taking sides, but to be fair to CS, the only reason they dont have a functioning INS in the VC is that they are unable to get a hold of the developer of the freeware CIVA to properly ask permission. They modeled a beautiful CDU in the 707 with full intention of having it functional, only to find they couldnt obtain permission to integrate the CIVA, but left the unit in the cockpit anyway. their workaround to this was to include a separate panel.cfg with a 2D unit that can be activated by simply renaming the file. The INS can be added to the 727 quite easily, although it isnt modeled in the VC, of course. to turn your nose up and label them "children's toys", simply because of this is a little harsh and elitist, brotha. Not to mention that while they dont officially support user mods, they are very tolerant(and silently supportive) of all user mods and discussions on their forum. As someone who owns planes from just about every developer, i can attest that the CS planes(while not perfect) do fill a niche in my fickle simmer's tastes, and can just be a joy to fly if you take the time. To compare the SimCheck INS(which i also have and do love) with the CIVA is preposterous. Its simplified for a reason, and is basically a bare-bones FMC without VNAV. kyle
  9. KyleP

    PMDG Operations Manager

    While you can't download liveries via the Ops Manager, it does allow you to install the .ptp file just like in the 777.