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  1. BTW, both my NGX and T7 do not have VC shadows. Jet shadows option in fixer is checked. Does anybody else have this problem? Default crafts do have vc shadows.
  2. CoordinatorYS

    DX10 Fixer performance at dusk

    Thank you! DAWN_DUSK_SMOOTHING=0 did work! Waiting for the fix
  3. Hello! Recently I purchased Steve's masterpiece. Now after extensive testing I found one problem which seems to be common for at least three airports- two of them free UHSS and UHHH and paid OMDB. Please take a look at the screenshots below. The airfield at dusk looks like being golden-plated mirror. It happens only at dusk when the sun is low above the horizon. During day and night everything's fine. Can this be resolved somehow? Otherwise I couldn't find any problems whatsoever aside of the runway lights going off at some angles, but that's not a big deal for me, as they are ok at approach. Any opinions?