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  1. I have just upgraded my system and am using the LG 34UM95-P 3440x1440 it is really great with FSX,
  2. Any ideas why the EZdok Zoom ratio no longer shows on the upper RH screen. Just loaded all my FSX and associated files to a new computer, everything amazingly still works other than this. and I get one tool tip,"engines are not started" and the tool tips is unchecked in fsx settings!
  3. bellcrank

    PMDG 777 SP1B update nightmare

    Thanks for the help tried the update again, reset ezdok and reloded liveries and everything is working fine. Thanks you all
  4. bellcrank

    PMDG 777 SP1B update nightmare

    Not totaly sure it is an Ezdok issue, I have had problems in the past updating from the PMDG operations center which is what I did this time rather than going to their web site. I will look again at the update changes and see if it is worth trying again. thanks.
  5. bellcrank

    PMDG 777 SP1B update nightmare

    I just did a system restore, I am back to running with with the earlier sb1 update which was fine, I think I will forgo the SP1b for now. Thank you for the reply. Yes, I am using Ezdok, if I feel adventuresome I may try the update again and try running the ezdok setup again if it reoccurs. Thanks again
  6. Just made the mistake of updating SP1 to SP1B it wiped out everthing but the guts of the cocpkit in the any exterior view. Help would be appreciated.