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  1. I've purchased every version of this sim since the Commodore 64 days. I have a memory before that of playing flight sim on my brothers Apple II computer with wire frame graphics and amber monitor.?? I used to have the time to work out the bugs, download countless files, scour the forums, make my own planes and panels etc., but I don't have that same time anymore and it would be nice if I could just log in and complete a flight. I put this sim on hold for a bit because I was getting the annoying CTD's. Now I try again to just complete one friggin flight and the world map doesn't pan, it no longer recognizes my mouse, when I try taxiing the planes pull hard to the left and right (depending on the plane) and apparently I have to reconfigure most of my settings. I really want to enjoy this version because it looks amazing, but I just can't bring myself to constantly deal with all this. I'm sure I could do some research and get things figured out, again, but it's really no longer worth it to me. Thanks for letting me vent.
  2. Asobo needs to just concentrate on optimization and fixing all the bugs. I appreciate new content but would prefer payware on a great foundation.
  3. I'm commenting here out of frustration. This update has rendered my FS 2020 unusable. It went from running smooth to a slide show. I'm tired of trying all the 'work arounds'. It's even more frustrating that the game is 100% broken for me while others have experienced no problems. I wish there was an option to undo this latest update. I guess I'm out until there's an actual fix.
  4. I have an old rig but I've been surprisingly impressed at its ability to keep things smooth at low to medium settings, until now. For the first time since FS 2020 was released the sim is unusable. I'm sure the current problem will get fixed and in the long run things will get better. Meanwhile, I'll start looking for a new computer.
  5. Steam is giving me an error message (missing file privileges) and not letting the program load. I don't have time right now to deal with it. Hopefully, I can work it out tonight.
  6. KVRB Vero Beach, Florida I think it would be difficult to recreate this. It's nice to know it's possible in the sim, but it's just chance for the weather to update and change to IFR at a particular moment.
  7. It was partly cloudy and didn't seem IFR but my computer isn't the best and many of my settings are on low. I can't remember if it gave me the option to ignore. I was probably too shocked that ATC almost seemed real for a sec.
  8. I was flying multiple touch and goes practicing my pattern work and landings when on the downwind leg the tower notified me that the airport was now IFR and requested a full stop landing. Thought that was pretty cool.
  9. Before this update the TBM was at least close to real world landing performance. Now it's unusable for me. The CJ4 floating issue was bad before this update and now it's worse. It seems people are reporting the same issue for most of the default planes. I hope they fix this asap. I'll be grounded until then. I enjoy the scenery in FS 2020 but I don't care all that much about these scenery updates. I spend most of my time at my local airport practicing landings with various aircraft and studying real world performance specs.
  10. Just landed the TBM a few times at my local airport and the flight dynamics have considerably changed, for the worse. Before the update I would do the approach at 85 kts with the torque around 30%. From what I've read that's somewhat close to real world for the TBM. Now I had to go full idle to get to 85 kts and then the plane just kept floating. At about halfway down the runway I decided to see how far I could keep it going and it wasn't until I was at 55kts that it finally settled. After a few more landings I tried the approach at 75kts and it was still floaty. Also the effects of the flaps feel ridiculous now. I have to push the controls almost full forward to keep the plane from climbing a few hundred feet. I was honestly hoping for the ground effects issue to be fixed in this update but it seems much worse. Off to try some landings in the CJ4.
  11. On one hand they look ridiculous, but on the other I can actually use them now.
  12. The GTN750 has changed flight simming for me. It's so intuitive to work with a mouse that I no longer have to pause fsx while I fumble with knob controls trying to find that little plus or minus spot. I would love to see a G3000 sometime in the future for small business jets.
  13. Having trouble getting the definitive answer on this. I'm looking for a traffic addon and noticed this is on sale again.
  14. A surprising thing happened on my approach to a small private airport (07FA) Ocean Reef Club. I'm 14 miles out flying the Phenom 300 jet and hear on the unicom a Cessna 172 doing touch-n-goes. He announces he's on downwind. On the radar I see he's already way past the airport so I assume he'll turn base right in front me, as usual for AI. I announce I'm on final and amazingly he waits to turn base and pulls in behind me about 10 miles out. Was this just a fluke or was this AI smarter than the average bear?
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