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  1. lifendet

    Nav Data

    That was it. I had FMS Data Manager send it to FSX Path folder and it fixed it. Never had a problem before but oh well its corrected now. Thanks.
  2. lifendet

    Nav Data

    Everything worked fine before on Airac 1512 . I just downloaded Airac 1513 and now my cdu says Nav Data Not Loaded on the ident page. Never happened before. I tried reinstalling the Airac and it says the same thing.
  3. lifendet

    No Airports after installation

    I tried posting a pic but no luck. My screen has land and clouds in background without aircraft and my terrain and water settings are all to the left. Whenever I change them they go back to the left after I hit ok.
  4. lifendet

    No Airports after installation

    Aircraft not showing on free flight screen after selected. Ran as admin no help. windows 7 bump
  5. lifendet

    No Airports after installation

    Figured out the airport issue but now my Aircraft not showing on preview screen when setting up flight and my scnenery setting keep going back to zero for everything. The terrain and water options and the autogen density. I cant get them to save and stay on what I selected.
  6. lifendet

    No Airports after installation

    Thanks but none of those advice works and my scenery library is also blank. Strange thing,in my fsx folder, scenery the list is showing but not in fsx when I start it.
  7. I have fsx steam installed on m drive working perfect Decided to reinstall fsx box on D drive but after installation no airports show in select airport. Its empty. I tried repairing but no luck. Any ideas????
  8. lifendet


    My ssd with fsx boxed installed broke so I removed the ssd and added another ssd with a different drive letter and installed fsx steam on it. However I tried installing a few payware Taxi2Gate airports but it seems to be trying to find the ssd that I removed. Upon installation the folder to install always comes up as the one I removed which was the broken ssd. I change it to the fsx steam folder and procede then an error pops up about set up was unable to create the directory M:\FSX which is the the ssd I removed. I deleted all my fsx files from pc prior to installing steam but Im lost on this one.Any help is appreciated.
  9. lifendet

    Farewell to Tom Allensworth

    Rest in peace Tom.