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  1. McDANIEL_Douglas

    Feel There Forum

    I'd like to know what means this "CALL!" you're referring to, please. Is a kind of checklist? thank you!
  2. McDANIEL_Douglas

    Feel There Forum

    hello Mr. Oliver Märtens, :smile: thank you! I know how to fulfill many (but not all) fields in the MCDU, but I'm not so expert as I would like. ok! You said me to insert the V-speeds and I'll do that. about the manual, I found only a MCDU link: that explains how it works but I didn't find what I was looking for... kind regards!
  3. McDANIEL_Douglas

    Feel There Forum

    instead I used Chrome with W7... I'll try with Firefox later on... ok scoob, let me ask in this post what I want and need to know? here we go: - when I'm performing the Before Start Checklist, (EMB 195 V2) there's a MCDU challenge that asks for a recquired response for it. my question is: what do I need to check on the MCDU, what's the correct response to that challenge, please? because I don't know what's the correct response, I can't carry and finish the Before Start Checklist.... by the way: damn those spammers! :mad: :lol: thank you and when will be possible to you, send me the validation mail, please! B)
  4. McDANIEL_Douglas

    Feel There Forum

    when I'm fufilling those fields, suddenly it happens that they're canceled and those fields became blank as in the initialization... I proved for three or four times and I wasn't able to finish to fulfill all those fields and send them to create a new topic for asking some help... this is the first problem I found, the second one is that I'm waiting from you a validation e-mail, because I registered to your forum. did you understand me now, sir? :lol:
  5. McDANIEL_Douglas

    Feel There Forum

    Hi scoob, when I tried to do so, I wasn't able to finish to fulfill the entire fields and I registered to the forum but I'm waiting for your validation e-mail, please! I need to ask something about the Before Start Checklist and the MCDU. Thank you!
  6. McDANIEL_Douglas

    no SID's and TRANSIT in my database

    I did a quick search and I found in the official Brazilian Aeronautical Information Service website all available SID's for the runway 15 of Campinas Intl. airport, and they are:
  7. McDANIEL_Douglas

    no SID's and TRANSIT in my database

    hi there, :wink: today I've updated my Database downloading the new AIRAC cycle from Navigraph but, I'm trying to simulate a flight exactly as this one: (look at 2' and 30") this video is spoken in Brazil Portuguese but it doesn't matter because when that guy upload the runway 15 of Campinas Viracopos Intl. (SBKP) he chooses a SID called GRIN and here is the strange issue: with my brand new cycle, that SID called GRIN doesn't exist in my "fresh database"... look carefully at all those SID's in the guy's database, they are: SIDS SBKP RW15 AGLO BGC GRIN ILNUD MONG NAPO but now look at mine: SIDS SBKP RW15 BCO1A BCO1B KUDG1A KUDG1B VAGU1A VAGU1B they're "a bit different", aren't they? :Thinking: then, what do you think about it? :rolleyes: could someone give me a help, please? :Praying: I'll appreciate your kind attention!
  8. McDANIEL_Douglas

    no SID's and TRANSIT in my database

    thank you, dear DJ, so I'll buy an update for my database. bye.
  9. hello all, I have an issue with my FMGC (I'm speaking about the EMB 195 v2) that haven't SID's in its database for the runway 15 or 33 for the Campinas Viracopos Intl. airport, in Brazil, ICAO designation is SBKP, IATA designation is VCP., so, when I'm going to insert the SID for the rwy 15 for instance, I see there aren't... I saw my AIRAC cycle is not up to date, in fact, is from the year 06... is for that reason I don't see any SID's and Transitions there? (I don't think so). many thanks and regards! Daniel.
  10. McDANIEL_Douglas

    Feel There Forum

    I got it! Thanks!
  11. McDANIEL_Douglas

    Feel There Forum

    Mr. Scobie, could you explain me why is incorrect to say Wilco is involved in the v2 product? because maybe it was in the v1? mine is just a curiosity. regards!
  12. McDANIEL_Douglas

    Feel There Forum

    hello dear scoob, thank you for the attention and I purchased and downloaded it three days ago, from sorry for the mistake of saying Wilco and Feel There... I misunderstood. regards!
  13. McDANIEL_Douglas

    Feel There Forum

    hello all, I'd like to ask a question about Feel There / Wilco Embraer 175 / 195 v2 if it needs installing some service pack? thank you and happy new year to all! Daniel.
  14. McDANIEL_Douglas

    How to install a PMDG-737 livery

    any clue, please?