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  1. Salve a tutti,ho un problema ultimamente e dopo aver cercato in giro su internet non ho trovato riscontri per poter sapere e decidere come procedere.In parole povere, il mio FSX sta consumando molta energia elettrica rispetto a poco tempo fa (tenendo d'occhio il programma "Gestione Attività"). L'ultimo volo che ho fatto con il mio FSX, su Ivao, ha crashato. FPS ai minimi. Prima andava discretamente.Ho provato ad installare "malwarebits" ma non ha risolto. Qualcuno sa come risolvere questo problema, per favore?
  2. Thanks scandinavian13! I forgot to mention that I use Active Sky Next from many years and only in these last flights I am having the issue I have explained here. By the way, I finished my daily flight, from Abu Dhabi to Singapore, waiting for the challenge but it was a pleasant flight from gate to gate. And I don't remember having other traffics in front of me that could cause the upset attitudes. Only an A380 could turn me upside down! Lol. 😀 But that's ok, much appreciated your tip! Kind regards!
  3. Hello all! In my last flights I am having some trouble because my plane goes into upset attitude near the ground on approach with autopilot on. Needless to say, I face the situation being icy, disconnecting all the automation (see Children of Magenta video) hand flying the beast when generally she is plummeting from the sky, stalled. It is easy to find myself pointing direct to the ground. These flights are flown on IVAO, after many hours connected, so I don't like the idea to see them being rejected due the possible crashing it can result. I tried to find some related case in this forum but I did not find. Does someone know what the cause is, please? Thanks in advance!
  4. Good day all! The problem is solved! A big hug! 😃
  5. Hi Olympic260, I have read your message. I will try it too. Thank you!
  6. Hi Budbud, No, I have not. Next time I will follow your advice. But do you mean I have to prepare the aircraft for the flight with all engines running? I will give a try and let you know if it works. Thanks! P.S.: Now I am flying from EHAM to MPTO on IVAO, so, I will try tomorrow morning. It is a flight of 10H30' and I have flown only 01H44' from TO/GA...
  7. Hello all and Happy New Year! I am Daniel from Italy and I need help, please. First of all, I have tried in this forum some tips for my problem but I did not find it. I have this error for a long time and after uninstalling and reinstalling my 747-400 for FSX, and after uninstalling and reinstalling my FSX itself, I get the same error message in my EICAS: >BODY GEAR STRG FUEL RES XFR1 FUEL RES XFR4 always, on every flight. I know this is a problem that many other users have. Could you kindly give some help to correct it, please? I initiate my cockpit preparation with the 744 LONG mode on, for a correct connection with IVAP software. For instance, I have read that for the BODY GEAR STRG error disappear, it is necessary only make a straight pushback and the message will disappear, but it does not work. It stays on every time. I have searched in the manuals of the 747 for the other two messages, concerning the FUEL RES XFR1 and 4, but it does not give a solution. Thank you!
  8. Hi both Vortex and Jethro! So, I have tried Vortex's suggestion but it did not worked. And I tried it as administrator. For what concern "parallel modality"... please, forget it. 😄 Lol. I tried my best translating into English but, you know, it is hard to me to find the correct technical words. My PC was assembled after purchasing all pieces from Amazon. It is not a Mac. For example, I have an Intel i5 4690K with 8 GB of RAM, OS 64bit, x64, Windows 10 as you know. My graphic card is a Nvidia 750Ti. P.S.: this morning I went to take my PC from the technician and he told me it was due to an Windows update that screwed up it. In fact, the only program it does not want to start is FSX only. Thanks again!
  9. Hi guys again, how are you doing? So, in these past days, I was unable to fix my problem so I decided to give the PC to a technician. It seems the error disappeared but, now when I start my FSX, there is another error window. I do not intend to bore you, but I am trying to avoid deleting all my FSX stuff and to reinstall everything again as possible as I can. Below is the screenshot of that window that I will try to translate into English. It is written this: "D:\Microsoft Flight Simulator X\fsx.exe It is impossible to start the specific application. The configuration of the parallel modality is not correct. Consult the registry of events or the command string sxstrace.exe to obtain further information." Now, I tried the "sxstrace.exe" as administrator but the window interface appear and disappear almost instantaneously. So, this option I consider null. The other option I do not know how to try it, sincerely. If you think the only way to resolve this issue is to delete everything and start from scratch, I will do it. Or if you know a bypass method for this problem, please, share with me! Thank you so much!
  10. Hi Jethro! I am right now initiating an installation from scratch to see if it works. Hope so. Wow! From beautiful, cool Australia. Cool people! 🙂
  11. Sorry guys, but I am blocked with my actions thanks to this kind of virus. That error window refer to the "tweaking tool". I am sorry to get your time wasted but tomorrow I will do the correct job; I will restore my pc. Can I ask you where are you from? North America, Australia/New Zealand or Great Britain? Thanks again!
  12. Now I am downloading the "tweaking tool". Let us see if it will work; if not, I am going to restore the pc.
  13. Yes, I tried both ways before but no way...
  14. Ok Jim! I tried to run the Flight1 registry repair tool but there is an error again, see the screenshot below. And I got the explanation about saving my stuff on a HD to reinstall afterwards. I am pychologically prepared to get a restore and then, one by one, reinstall all my sceneries and planes again. It is a pain cause it is time consuming but it seems there is no way to get it fixed.
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