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  1. kroken

    AI Traffic with X-Plane

    I will check it, many thanks!
  2. kroken

    AI Traffic with X-Plane

    Thanks! i will try a bit more and see if i can reproduce it somehow, would still be cool if there was a perfect integration with another AI plugin such as wt3:) You probably working on it already! i also wonder what voices i can buy for the plugin? i tried ivona but are there any others you recommend?
  3. kroken

    AI Traffic with X-Plane

    I have setup ai using the instructions here but i dont get any "line up and wait" "Aircraft on runway go missed approach" I can see p2a have planes in air and it seem to work okay but not on the ground or incoming traffic. Any idea?
  4. How can i increse the fps?
  5. kroken

    Pixelated Water Textures

    Please share a solution for this problem please..
  6. kroken

    Have any of you tried this? (SweetFX)

    Im running FSX in DX9 atm but after seeing this Steve dx10 fixer i think ill migrate to it. Im a ENB user and since it wont work in DX10 i have to use sweetfx, any good settings for dx10? i also have shade and looking for a great combo setting for shade and sweetfx! Should i keep all my settings in nvidia inspector for use with dx10 also? need your help guys!
  7. kroken

    Have any of you tried this? (SweetFX)

    What settings are you using for Sweetfx and Shade on this?