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  1. Well, the problem I have is that runways lights are not visible at night. Thats the only problem. I dont know if this issue have a solution.
  2. sedacajr

    Problem fslabs a320

    Interesting. Will try it!
  3. sedacajr

    Problem fslabs a320

    How are you loading the aircraft?. Are you first selecting the Piper Cub and loaded it into the flight and then switching to A320?
  4. sedacajr

    Tutorial: Flight from Sydney to Vancouver

    Very good tutorial. So far, I saw that NAV lights was turned on in pushback. It should be ON always. Beacon lights should be on before pushback. I suggest to maintain the runway center line on takeoff. Thanks for the videos. Will analyze them. Regards,
  5. Jaja! Yes please! Its necessary!
  6. Hi Keven Thanks for your help. Problem resolved!!!!. I found that Windows Game Mode was affecting the chaseplane performance. Once desactivated, the smoothness came back, so that was the problem. Very appreciate your support. Senén Castillo.
  7. I have version 0.4.77 Regards Senén Castillo
  8. Hi I am really frustrated with chaseplane. Panning is almost impossible, there is a very big lag when moving the camera. It works like I have a very poor performance but the problem is happening with 30 fps, with any aircraft (pmdg 777 for example) and in any scenario. The problem get worst when I close chaseplane and open it again. Its like the problem get worst 2x any time I restart. The effect is like I haver 5 fps. I have tried everything and make some tests. For example, If I close chaseplane and panning with default mode in sim everything works perfect. When I open chaseplane again the smoothless gone! Something strange is that, when P3D lost focus, panning with Chaseplane works perfect and smooth. I have checked all the key assignements in P3D and chaseplane looking for some conflicts, but all seems to look good. I have P3D v 4.1 Regards, Senén Castillo
  9. sedacajr

    A/T Problems

    Hi everyone. I just want to know how to deal with A/T in 777 because I feel the reaction of autopilot very slow to maintain the desired airspeed. For exampe, I am in approach phase, keeping 170kts before intercepting the glide slope with autopilot and A/T on. Then the airplane intercepts the GS and begins to descent in order to keep the glide path, but, obviusly, when it start to descent the plane starts to increase the airspeed, and the A/T takes a lot of time to reduce throttle enough to maintain 170 kts, so the airspeed increases reaching 190kts! The problem is worst in windy conditions. I am starting to use manual throttle in approach phase to avoid this situations. Any tip? Senén Castillo.
  10. sedacajr

    PMDG 737NGX vs FSLabs A320 vs Aerosoft A320

    Are you sure what are you talking about?
  11. sedacajr

    V4.1 is out

    Hi Please inform about addons compabilities... Does AS works with 4.1? Senén Castillo
  12. sedacajr

    4.1 release notes

    Its incredible. People complaining for everything. This is a major update than enables developers to make things that we have ever waiting. Not all the issues and requests can be address in one only release! Wait for version 4.2 and 4.3 and see what happen. We have a great platform here! Senén Castillo
  13. sedacajr

    FSRecorder replacement?

    Will be v4 free for actual customers?
  14. sedacajr

    FSRecorder replacement?

    For me it was an issue. For fsx and p3d it is a problem. the sound doesnt sound good on replay I only expect an instan replay system with pmdg animation working please!
  15. sedacajr

    Weird shadow problem in P3Dv4

    I thinh there is no solution right now. Its a common issue coming from P3D v2. We have to wait if LM have any solution in further versions. Regards,