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  1. akaGandalf

    ORBX Global

    On the FTX site on the Iceland Demo info page they have a link to an 11 minute video that shows a comparison of default Icelandic scenery AND FTX Global. Please note this demo also includes mesh, landclass and vector data, but video does a nice job of adding the layers one at a time so you can see how all all of it works together to upgrade the quality of the scenery. Here is direct link to the Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pCNtM6YxgEk Here is a link to the demo: http://www.fullterrain.com/product_ftxgiceland.html Hopefully this helps.
  2. akaGandalf

    FS Captain: your opinions please

    Based upon all the positive comments in this thread and the excellent communication and support from the developers, I tried a flight in demo mode today. After I completed the flight I took advantage of the sale at PC Aviator and purchased FSCaptain. It is a really good program. I think I will keep flying as Joe Pilot for a couple more flights to get comfortable with the process before launching my "official" career Jeff