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  1. akaGandalf

    ORBX Global

    On the FTX site on the Iceland Demo info page they have a link to an 11 minute video that shows a comparison of default Icelandic scenery AND FTX Global. Please note this demo also includes mesh, landclass and vector data, but video does a nice job of adding the layers one at a time so you can see how all all of it works together to upgrade the quality of the scenery. Here is direct link to the Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pCNtM6YxgEk Here is a link to the demo: http://www.fullterrain.com/product_ftxgiceland.html Hopefully this helps.
  2. akaGandalf

    FS Captain: your opinions please

    Based upon all the positive comments in this thread and the excellent communication and support from the developers, I tried a flight in demo mode today. After I completed the flight I took advantage of the sale at PC Aviator and purchased FSCaptain. It is a really good program. I think I will keep flying as Joe Pilot for a couple more flights to get comfortable with the process before launching my "official" career Jeff
  3. I use FS Flightkeeper. It tracks just about every event related to your flight. You can even create multiple pilots and logbooks. Additionally, it offers many more utilities that increase it's value, such as "moving map" flight tracking, ACARS gauge, screenshot manager, etc. You should check out the website - http://www.flightkeeper.net/ Jeff