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  1. Radio Display issue

    Yeah that's what I ended up doing and it fixed the issue. Thanks for the help!
  2. Radio Display issue

    That font file is indeed missing!
  3. DC-6 Xplane 11 Workaround

    Not only do you have to enable the plugin but in my experience you'll have no sound until you start a new flight.
  4. Radio Display issue

    I just noticed an issue the the digital displays for the transponder and radio stack where larger sets of numbers are displayed over the readouts. It shows up day or night, regardless of what repaint I use. Also, you can't see it in the screenshot but radio frequency portions of the GPS screen seem to be oversized and don't fit properly within their respective sections. Screenshot attached.
  5. Backlighting issue with NGX

    That's odd because the only addon scenery I have is KPHX, KCLT, Orbx Global, and Orbx OpenLC NA. KPHX and KCLT are already using the addon.xml method.
  6. Backlighting issue with NGX

    Add me to this list
  7. Dead MCP and incomplete info on displays

    A reinstall Solved this for me. Mods please delete.
  8. I recently re-installed p3d and the NGX and my first flight went fine but now I'm having an issue where the MCP is dead and the displays are missing info such as altitude and airspeed. I am starting from cold and dark, I turn on the battery, start the APU and click the transfer switches, and the panels come to life, but as I said missing info, and the MCP doesn't seem to power up. Attached is a screenshot which may better explain my issue. I haven't made too many changes to my sim since my successful flight except installing whatever GSX component is required for FSDT airports and Orbx OpenLC NA, which I can't imagine would interfere with the NGX. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  9. [XPLANE] DC-6 Supercharger inquiries

    These are pretty good numbers. I'll be sticking with them for the foreseeable future.
  10. Xplane 11 update status?

    I’m pretty sure I posted my notes in that thread already. I may even be using your values at this point, I can’t really recall. As far as superchargers go, all that happens when you flip the switch is an increase in manifold pressure, but no increase in actual horsepower, if there is its in the single digits. This produces an paradoxical effect as you have to reduce your throttle to compensate for the rise in MP, which lowers your HP. I’m making up numbers here but as an example at 15000 feet and at 45” you get 1500hp, but flip on the blowers and reduce your throttle to get back to 45” and suddenly you’re at 1100hp. This seems to be handled within the plugin which we cannot touch, so the impetus is on PMDG. Speaking of the plugin, in 11.10b4 the plugin doesn’t load when you load the plane, if you go into the enable/disable plugins page, you can enable the plugin and gain back all functionality, however you’ll have no sound. To correct the sound bit, reload the flight by moving your position or changing another parameter to trigger a new flight, and then the sound returns.
  11. Xplane 11 update status?

    I too as an owner of the P3D and X-Plane versions would like to know what the XP11 plans are regarding the DC-6. I've spent my own time learning correcting some of the issues plaguing the DC-6 in version 11. I've been able to correct the reversed rudder animation, adjust the transparency of the gauge faces and even tweak the fuel flow to match the values displayed in p3dd.
  12. [XPLANE] DC-6 Supercharger inquiries

    I'll give those numbers a try when I get some time.
  13. CTD upon touchdown

    So if I understand this correctly, we need to set our weights and fuel load with the engines running else it won't update the weights?
  14. [XPLANE] DC-6 Supercharger inquiries

    Well adjusting the SFC didn't have any effect on the supercharger. The same behavior remains, boost to MAP but no change in HP output of the engine. At least the fuel flow values are a little more accurate now though. The numbers I'm using are .850 for max power and .425 for half power. Same values for hi and lo altitude.
  15. [XPLANE] DC-6 Supercharger inquiries

    Yeah I've scoured plane maker and can't find any settings regarding a supercharger. Looking around for info about superchargers in XP I found something that said they don't model superchargers per se, you just have to play around with the critical altitude. So yes the SC operation must be controlled by plugin. I was able to make adjustments in plane maker to get much more accurate fuel flow rates in xp11, didn't have time to see if this improved supercharger behavior though.