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  1. deimos256

    Nvidia driver 397.93 DXGI error

    Don’t forget build 1803 of windows recently came out too.
  2. deimos256

    Nvidia driver 397.93 DXGI error

    Has anyone tried the latest release to see if this still happens?
  3. deimos256

    Nvidia driver 397.93 DXGI error

    Thanks I’ll give this a try. One thing I noticed is my gpu usage was consistently pegged the whole time and naturally the temps were rising. I wonder if the latest driver has more overhead and it’s loading up the card. I’ve seen posts suggesting to either raise or lower the voltage to get rid of the error but I haven’t messed with that yet.
  4. deimos256

    Nvidia driver 397.93 DXGI error

    I’m not too sure who develops profile inspector but I believe the latest version is a good 2 years old, so perhaps it’s time for some updating of it.
  5. deimos256

    Nvidia driver 397.93 DXGI error

    Well every system will probably behave slightly different. I’ve found that in game vsync settings have never given me good results so 99% of the time I force vsync from nvidia control panel. Give my settings a try, I’d be interested in seeing the results from other systems.
  6. deimos256

    Nvidia driver 397.93 DXGI error

    Found this post because I was having the same issue. It’s related to the profile inspector frame rate limiter. After extensive testing I found that the profile inspector frame limit was clashing with nvidia control panel vsync. Once I set vsync to “off” in nv control panel I was able to use the frame rate limiter from profile inspector without issue. Just did a 10 hour flight with no hiccups. So to summarize, this setup gets me the smoothest experience without any crashing; nvidia control panel - vsync off nvidia profile inspector- 30.5 (or whatever you want) p3d vsync - off p3d internal frame limit - unlimited
  7. deimos256

    Radio Display issue

    Yeah that's what I ended up doing and it fixed the issue. Thanks for the help!
  8. deimos256

    Radio Display issue

    That font file is indeed missing!
  9. deimos256

    DC-6 Xplane 11 Workaround

    Not only do you have to enable the plugin but in my experience you'll have no sound until you start a new flight.
  10. deimos256

    Radio Display issue

    I just noticed an issue the the digital displays for the transponder and radio stack where larger sets of numbers are displayed over the readouts. It shows up day or night, regardless of what repaint I use. Also, you can't see it in the screenshot but radio frequency portions of the GPS screen seem to be oversized and don't fit properly within their respective sections. Screenshot attached.
  11. deimos256

    Backlighting issue with NGX

    That's odd because the only addon scenery I have is KPHX, KCLT, Orbx Global, and Orbx OpenLC NA. KPHX and KCLT are already using the addon.xml method.
  12. deimos256

    Backlighting issue with NGX

    Add me to this list
  13. deimos256

    Dead MCP and incomplete info on displays

    A reinstall Solved this for me. Mods please delete.
  14. I recently re-installed p3d and the NGX and my first flight went fine but now I'm having an issue where the MCP is dead and the displays are missing info such as altitude and airspeed. I am starting from cold and dark, I turn on the battery, start the APU and click the transfer switches, and the panels come to life, but as I said missing info, and the MCP doesn't seem to power up. Attached is a screenshot which may better explain my issue. I haven't made too many changes to my sim since my successful flight except installing whatever GSX component is required for FSDT airports and Orbx OpenLC NA, which I can't imagine would interfere with the NGX. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.
  15. deimos256

    [XPLANE] DC-6 Supercharger inquiries

    These are pretty good numbers. I'll be sticking with them for the foreseeable future.