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  1. Just a quick update for the SFC The Full power High and low SFC should be 0.962. The low numbers stay the same. This should give much better fuel flows. Thanks
  2. Good to know. I am currently fully immersed with xplane 11. I find it a much better platform and have made the switch. In my supercharger inquiries I managed to address the fuel flow issue with the aircraft and a sign switch - to + in one file makes the model work perfectly. Thanks though!
  3. Or you can open the DC-6 ACF file and remove/replace the following specific fuel consumption P acf/_SFC_alt_hi_PRP 10000.0 P acf/_SFC_alt_lo_JET 0.0 P acf/_SFC_alt_lo_PRP 0.0 P acf/_SFC_full_hi_JET 0.0 P acf/_SFC_full_hi_PRP 0.842 P acf/_SFC_full_lo_JET 0.0 P acf/_SFC_full_lo_PRP 0.763 P acf/_SFC_half_hi_JET 0.0 P acf/_SFC_half_hi_PRP 0.453 P acf/_SFC_half_lo_JET 0.0 P acf/_SFC_half_lo_PRP 0.453 This change doesn't address the high blower setting issues when switching from low to high.
  4. Dont know if this still works but i found it using google
  5. I have resolved the fuel flow issues in XPLANE 11 Open up the plane maker, go to the engines screen, go to the SFC tab. Set the following values Altitude: 10,000ft High Alt Full Power: 0.841666667 Low Alt Full Power: 0.762500000 High Alt Half Power: 0.452500000 Low Alt Half power: 0.452500000 Follow this guide if you need: @Pilot53 @deimos256
  6. I have attempted, and failed. I just assigned the global "Throttle" in FSUIPC. I have a saitek X-65F but I can't figure out how to either
  7. As expected it's more complicated than it appears. mixtures are auto adjusting as the name implies. Further testing in progress. Edit: nope im just a doofus. It works fine.
  8. Wish I could use it! Linda is broken for me because I use a trackball mouse and the devs have given up on being able to fix that bug per their post.
  9. @deimos256 Thanks, I adjusted my values as well for SFC. I also noticed the mixture control doesn't work in XP11 either, I'm currently investigating why that might be. Current numbers: High Max: 0.684 half: 0.633 Low Max: 0.715 half: 0.553 I tried turning off the FADEC settings in plane maker and in the sim but the programming in the DC-6 still sets the mixture full rich regardless of where the handle is set. Interesting sidenote: the prop is super sonic at the tips at all times, not due to anything PMDG did but because of the diameter of the prop spinning at higher than 1651 rpm. I tried last night to fly the plane in FSX:SE and I see what many people say about airplanes feeling like they are on rails. I get a much more fluid sensation from X-Plane
  10. Sorry to hear that! Screen shots would be very helpful in diagnosing what issue you are having. Thanks!
  11. Thanks @metzgergva @Jason Baxter
  12. @Pilot53 can you provide screenshots demonstrating this behavior? I'm on a work trip right now so i don't have access to xplane. Please perform any testing at standard atmospheric conditions. Thanks! Thanks!
  13. @Jason Baxter Can you provide screen shots of this occurring as well as a list of weather addons you are using? Thanks
  14. Hi Dave, PMDG appear to be focused on the completion of the FSX/P3D release cycle. @rsrandazzo said the PMDG team would evaluate the next steps after they complete the work. Except for a quick code update to get the rudder to move in the correct direction, it is very flyable at low blower settings. I know this isn't much to go on but PMDG will update when they have more specific information to contribute. Hope this helps, Mike
  15. Cool if you get a chance, post what changes you made and the effect. Thanks!