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  1. Are there any plans for a Lufthansa 777-300ER ?
  2. I did some recordings with the PMDG 777. But it seems like randomly working or messing it up. After some recordings my EZcam stopped working so I had to pause cancel ezcam and restart it. Beside that and still the fact that a poping up FSX ATC window stops the recording it works fine.
  3. That's weird because when I stayed in a view category (Like being in VC and hit a for switching views) there wasn't a problem with the NGX. It stores the files automatically as soon as you stop recording. But when there was an interruption like an ATC window pop up something went wrong. Because of those assumed interruptions the ghost mode wouldn't work properly with FSX. Or I might don't get what you ask for... I still have problems with recording the PMDG 777. I changed the manual record hotkey to F9 and deleted F9 for the use of views in FSX. And still for some reason it was recording first but then it even crashed FSX...
  4. Hey all, did anyone try to use shadow play and make a video with PMDG's 777? When I try it for some reason it doesn't record at all! I tested recording with the NGX and it worked. Any ideas?
  5. It ist working perfectly! Absolutely no performance drops! The mistakes I made were: 1. I assume that you should change the hotkey away from ALT+F9 because of the open/hide menubar function with ALT. 2. It does record the whole time as long as you not switching the different view categories. As long as you stay in a category and switch views (with EZdok for example) in one category it keeps recording. If you want to switch the category you should stop recording, switch the view category and go on with recording. Since I did that it recorded with no loss of video. I think it has something to do with fsx depicting only the VC or the entire external model. I think shadow play can't take it if fsx switches between those models. 3. Shadowplay also stops recording if the FSX ATC window does pop up. But you might have found that out by yourself already....
  6. I tried Nvidia's shadowplay yesterday, too. But I couldn't get it to work properly. I tried the manual mode, started fsx, used alt+F9 and it showed the green dot. I did my flight and at the end I used alt+F9 again. It showed the store arrow so I quit FSX. So I checked the Folder where the video should be stored at. I had a couple of files in it. Some were under 10 seconds long, one was 6 minutes but it wasn't constantly at all. But it showed the record dot the whole time! I don't have WIN AERO enabled, run FSX in full screen and DX9 mode. I really hope it has something to do with the beta status. I would be interested how the ones where it works well did set this up. Regards
  7. tob151

    Manual Takeoff Vid

    You should look for the makerunway.exe to make the on taxiway problem disappear. How do you make the view that "bouncy" while take off? Regards
  8. This doesn't sound like a driver problem of your graphic card. Your card is not responsible for the position of your airplanes in fsx. Regards
  9. Hi, I experienced that my 777 won't get the localizer or go through a autoland. You have to check the NAV/RAD page and delete the ILS frequency and put the one of the runway where you want to land on park there. Just hit the delete button and the line selector of the ILS frequency. The rest does the 777 on its own. I'm not a real pilot so I might haven't used the correct vocabulary or this might not be the right procedure. It would be very nice if someone could tell how it is done correct. Regards
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