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  1. Captin_alloush

    Bug? Again brakes without effect! (No RTO, nor overheating)

    strang nobody replied ? it happend to me today
  2. Captin_alloush

    Sp1 - 300Er - Brakes Stop Working Mid-Flight

    it happend to me today. i had no failurea
  3. Captin_alloush

    Some ETOPS questions

    -After you pass the ETOPS entry point the flight is now ETOPS and there is no suatible airports in a 60 min flight time.from the ETOPS entry point untill the ETOPS exit point this is called the ETOPS SEGMENT. Based on the 777, a 60 min flying time with 1 eng out is 415 TAS which equals 430nm of range. You can enter the ETOPS alternate airport in the FMC FIX page and than enter 430nm it will give you the circle in the ND, so you can now see the ETOPS SEGMENT where it starts while flying. the ETP ( Equal time point ) also called CP ( critcal point ) it assumes the worst case scenario and it gives approx the same flying time to the 2 airports from this point. Based on the OFP you can either go to CMB or MCT. You must understand the OFP is the worst case scenario and the PIC have the right to divert to any airport as long as it is sutibale even if its not in the OFP. if you want more and offical sources just pm me.