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  1. phantom701

    News about the update?

    C'mon. Can you please be a man and tell me how wrong my facts were? You incorrectly compared Boeing and PMDG. That's a fact, no? You got called out on it and you are just denying how bad your analogies are. Boeing did apologize profusely. I am sorry you are not invited to those meetings and conversations in private. You probably cannot associate monetary compensation that Boeing had to give out. I know now that you really have no idea what goes on in business and behind the scene. BTW, did you even catch the full press conference where Boeing conducted specifically in Japan on the 787 debacles? Were you there when they met with ANA and JAL? Apparently you did not even bother because you didn't catch Boeing apologizing. You probably also didn't catch how culturally significant about doing that press conference in Japan. I'm sorry, but you should really be a honest person about this whole situation. You act like a know-it-all which is the problem with some here who constantly tell customers who really are having issues that they are idiots. That they should vote with their wallets and all that crap. However, these are customers who really care and provide honest feedback. But to see know-it-alls like you to tell them to F off, it is truly saddening. Is that what PMDG stands for?? Boeing would never do that. Most credible businesses would never do that. Organizations who truly care about listening to customers' legit concerns and actually learn from it, do not act like you. The fact that people kept coming back here posting similar concerns mean PMDG really need to have an introspection on why many people are unhappy. You can keep up with your current facade on how you can demolish people. If that's all you care about, I guess I am so sorry for you. I have no intention of demolishing PMDG, only to want them to step up.
  2. phantom701

    News about the update?

    Sorry, I didn't know you worked for Boeing or the airlines who had insight knowledge on these. I am not sure how connected you are with either Boeing or the airlines, I have to assume no. Even if you are not connected, you would have seen public statements from Boeing to this regard. Even as recently as the Dubai Airshow where Boeing continues to admit problems. Before you start telling others to use facts, I think you should do so yourself. Your argument on Boeing didn't even hold water. Let's have a truly honest discussion instead of you using vitriol languages. Look at ourselves in the mirror?
  3. phantom701

    News about the update?

    You are comparing apples to oranges. Here are some differences: 1. Boeing had a contractual agreement and the airlines paid a deposit. Therefore there's a contractual agreement to perform. 2. Boeing offers customers updates when the program hits delay at every stage of development. There's COMMUNICATION. With PMDG, it's pure silence. 3. Boeing apologize profusely to customers on their screw ups. But PMDG doesn't because they are so PERFECT. There's also an implicit contractual requirement by PMDG to provide proper service and support to customers who purchased their product. However, they have not performed. If some are really annal, they could have the credit card company deny the charges. Many people here only asked to be treated with respect as they are paying customers.
  4. phantom701

    News about the update?

    I think many wished they could vote with their wallet. By that I mean "man up" and offer some who are dissatisfied with a refund. If PMDG truly believe this is top rate quality software, why hide behind "no refund"? There's been no support provided by this group of folks. There are people here on this board who cannot wait but to chastise anyone who disagrees.
  5. phantom701

    News about the update?

    It is quite unhealthy to always hide behind "we'll release it when we feel it is ready" types of mantra. Even Boeing that makes complex airplanes provide a deadline. Most credible businesses provide a deadline on when the product is planned on being released. There are several reasons to set a public deadline. One very important aspect is hold yourself accountable to the public on your deliverable. More transparency is better than trying to hide. Maybe PMDG is in need of a real software developer who knows how to manage software development process. I really don't know what the issues are.
  6. phantom701

    Landing and taxi light

    Couldn't agree more!! If you don't want to help, please do not post.