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  1. Thiago Schmitt

    Recall error

    I got this error fixed, after creat my own state panel, in that case, Eletrical power UP, I made over standard panel that comes after PMDG instalation. W7 - 64bits FSX ASN 2.0
  2. Thiago Schmitt

    One engine taxi?

    Brett, in a Brazilian company, the last Check List Revision (26/11/2014) they put a blue area called “Single Engine before taxi”, but this procedure is not authorized until this moment (this is for Taxi to TO/)... But anyway, if you have interest, follow the pic For taxi (after landing) it’s authorized and happen very often, follow the complete procedure after landing, start the chronometer just after put the engine idle from reverse to this procedure... Tip: I should say to you that are pretty normal to taxi with one engine running after landing, but you need to care to not put too much power in the engine running (N2). If you take it easy and gentle you will have a peaceful taxi turning to both sides w/o problem...
  3. Name: [Real] Radar Meteorologico - Weather Radar - Gol Category: Outerra Videos Date Added: 21 February 2015 - 12:41 PM Submitter: Thiago Schmitt Short Description: None Provided Funcionamento radar Boeing 737-800 View Video
  4. Name: [FSX-HD] Full Flight - SBSV - SBIL (IVAO) Fast forward - As Real as it gets. Category: FS Aircraft Date Added: 14 February 2015 - 07:40 PM Submitter: Thiago Schmitt Short Description: None Provided Full Flight - SBSV - SBIL. Voo completo de Salvador para Ilhéus, On-line na IVAO... Addons: REX PMDG 737NGX FTX Global Mirillis Recorder SBSV (Terra Brasilis) SBIL (Terra Brasilis) Sony Vegas View Video
  5. Name: [FSX] Boeing 737-800 Landing SBKP HD Category: MS FS Videos Date Added: 15 September 2014 - 01:52 AM Submitter: Thiago Schmitt Short Description: None Provided [FSX] Boeing 737-800 Landing SBKP HD View Video
  6. Thiago Schmitt

    Taxi cam problem

    Works! Obrigado, João Marcelo!
  7. That's what I understood after reading the SP1/300ER Supplements.