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  1. Some images taken while learning to fly this gem! Addons: ORBX Global, Trees, Vector, OpenLC, Germany South, SoCal, Southern Alaska, LOWI FSDT KLAS REX Sky Textures PTA 2.61 Custom Presets Leonardo MD80
  2. Took some screens for those who want to see the blending. I am using FTX Global, NorCal, Vector, and OpenLC. I'll let the screens speak for themselves as far as the blending quality. Southeast Border South Border West Border North Border East Border over I-80 34L/34R Approach 16L/16R Approach Overview of entire coverage area
  3. Various images from various flights over the past couple weeks. Addons: PMDG 737,777 Majestic Dash 8 FSLabs A320 FlyTampa EHAM Orbx Everything REX Textures PTA (various custom presets)
  4. Done about a hundred hours of flight training at the real RNO so I've been eager for this one to come out, although I've never bought from Pacsim before. Overall I'd say it's quite nice and all the important landmarks around the airport and city are there. Terminals and other buildings around the airport are very accurate. Performance isn't too bad either even with heavy hitters like the FSL A320. My only real complaint is the low resolution of some of the runway markings (threshold arrows specifically), and that runways and taxiways are still completely dry even in winter textures. As a nitpick, it would be nice to have an option to put some static GA, cargo planes, and fighter jets to put in their respective parking areas, since UTLive only seems to put traffic at the passenger terminals unless I crank the density way up. Overall, it is a bit on the pricey side for what it is, but worth it if you do lots of flying in the area!
  5. Texture EXP set to 10 uses 9-10GB VRAM on my system (1080Ti SLI), so it's another likely culprit. Setting it to 9 will probably solve your issue and cut your load times in half without noticeably affecting visuals. As far as I remember, ticking the "High Resolution Terrain Textures" box will set this to 9 for you. You will also see better performance at 2xMSAA. Any more than that just isn't necessary on a 28" monitor.
  6. It's very possible you are exhausting your video memory. Are you running MSAA or SSAA? At 4K resolution with a 1080 I wouldn't go higher than about 2x MSAA.
  7. wckorb


  8. wckorb


    Aerosoft busses look slightly better graphically IMO, but FSLabs is miles better in every other respect.
  9. Just purchased yesterday and it works fine with Orbx for me. Just have to make sure the Aerosoft EGLL compatibility option is checked in the FTX England config panel.
  10. For your first issue, if you are getting black squares on the water, try disabling frozen surfaces under FTX Vector settings under the water features tab. It seems to be a common issue with Vector.
  11. If you are on Windows 10, a recent update seems to have caused lots of issues for people, especially in P3D v3. Try uninstalling update KB4038788 if it is on your system.
  12. KB4038788 was a huge headache for me too, spent all night uninstalling/reinstalling P3D and addons. Orbx anything wouldn't work in v3 and PMDG anything wouldn't work in v4. Got rid of the update and everything is perfect now. Anyone having any sort of sim issues over the last couple of days would probably do well to get rid of that update and set your system to Current Branch for Business so it doesn't give you the update (or any others for that matter) til it's actually ready and stable.
  13. Go to FTX Vector config and try disabling frozen surfaces under water features tab if you haven't already, it tends to cause issues with the water textures.
  14. Hah! Doubt I would get past the loading screen with this setup in v3
  15. Taking the Aerosoft CRJ for a quick test flight.. a gorgeous bird! ORBX Global, OpenLC, Vector FlightBeam MSP REX TD+SC ActiveSky P3Dv4
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