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  1. blackburst

    Merry Christmas everyone

    Merry Christmas and happy New Year, Greetz from EHAM, Carel
  2. THX, for sharing this document.
  3. blackburst

    Regarding the latest update

    It is just an update and you don't need to reinstall your liverys.
  4. Folks, Running the sequence stops at After T/O, he ask for it, but no responce when i call the checlist, i can manual go to the next, no problem. Any suggestions are welcome, Carel
  5. My systeem is pure, no addons like ASN or so. Gonna make a test approach Insbruck the next days.
  6. Got 2 SSD, one for W7 x64 and one for FSX, all the other files are on another computer, accesable trough network, also for FSUIPC or EFASS. Also 8gb of ram, Vengeance 1600 mhz CL9.
  7. I just finishd building my PC with i7 4790k and waterkooling, testing FPS now, i use only SSD, for OS and seperate one for FSX.
  8. Very nice setup with watercooler, try to get Geforce with 4gb mem.
  9. blackburst

    Where Is Your 777 Now?

    Just departed from Amsterdam ( EHAM ) to Helsinki ( EFHK ) on a Sunny Sunday.
  10. blackburst

    Where Is Your 777 Now?

    Flying EHAM - OMDB with KLM 0427, just over the Black Sea
  11. blackburst

    No control off 737 and 777 after several minutes

    I asked for a support ticket.
  12. blackburst

    No control off 737 and 777 after several minutes

    THX for your answer, I changed to a triple monitor setup, 3 x 22 inch, so i know about my eyepoint. its after a couple minutes, while i am editing the FMC, and still at the gate.
  13. Folks, After selecting 737 house livery, everything is working, edit the FMC, but after several minutes, the main panel and overhead panel stops. No HDG or any button will work anymour. What i have done : replace CFG, no result Reinstall both 737 and 777, no result. Reinstall FSX, no result. Clean install W7-64, no result. are there any options left ?
  14. Agree with the previous advice, go for new videocard, use twice DVI output and 1 Displayport with active cable.