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  1. Hi everyone! (Sorry for my bad english) First happy new year to all. I have a problem that started when I installed 2 new SSD's on my computer. One of Kingston Hyper X of 240Gb for Windows and another Kingston Hyper X of 480Gb for P3D. The autogen carries only near the plane, and when I approach the buildings and trees sprout from the ground, and if they look back they disappear. I already tried to format, change Video driver, settings in CFG, delete CFG, different profiles in Nvidia inspector and nothing solved. My PC Specs I7 3770K Ht Enable Gtx 970SC SSD Kingston Hyper Fury X 240GB (Windows) SSD Kingston Hyper Fury X 480GB (P3d) HD 2Tb Seagate (Backup) 16Gb Memory Windows 10 P3D V3.4 I make a video of problem: Thanks to all
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    Prepar3d V3 Autogen Loading Problem

    I'm already going crazy with this problem and so far nothing