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  1. No luck for me with ActiveSky closed. Interestingly I can load a saved flight perfectly fine, but starting a new flight with the 744 always crashes during initialization unless I start with a default aircraft. Tony Wills
  2. Speculation was Virgin Australia, but Bryan says it's a Middle Eastern carrier, here.
  3. Okay, fair enough. I'll be more precise: I miss being able to leave the FO to deal with the autobrake, and landing lights, and landing flaps, and... okay, I've revealed my true colours now; I'm just lazy. What I'm saying is: it's a shame that the "standard" Boeing procedures aren't available in button control – it feels a bit awkward to use a Middle East airlines SOPs when flying on the opposite side of the world – but if it's not going to happen I'll be quiet. I'm grateful for what I've got.
  4. At the risk of being difficult, is there any chance that SOP1 might one day be available with button control? 1 and 2 seem pretty similar, but I kind of miss the old "legacy" procedures. Either way, thanks for Reboot; really enjoying it so far.
  5. Keen

    Flightbeam announces Denver (KDEN)

    Download the trial version here (it changes to the full version when you enter a serial number). Instructions for where to enter the serial are in the manual.
  6. Any chance these are available for download? They're very nice!